Add your shop to Facebook & your website

We've always believed you should have your own branding on your Hello Pretty store. You're all awesome and everyone should know it.

Pretty Portable takes this one step further.

Now you can sell through your Facebook page, and embed your store into your website, and it's as easy as putting a YouTube video on your blog. Fancy! Can you say, spreading your empire.

It will pull your products into Facebook and your site without any branding other than a small Hello Pretty logo in the footer.

With Hello Pretty, Pretty Portable for websites and Pretty Portable for Facebook, you get four online stores of your own.

Sell for free on Facebook


And the best part: it's free.

1. Visit your store page

Click on the Embed your store link in your store's grey Manage dropdown.

2. Set up your Facebook store

Facebook store example

Make sure you're logged in on Facebook as yourself, not your page. Then visit your store's embed page, and click the Add Facebook Page Tab button in the right column.

2. Sell on your personal website

Website store embed example

You can sell your items seamlessly on your own independent website, and it's as easy as embedding a YouTube video. When you do this, you have the option for how many rows across and columns down you want. This is so that you can tailor selling through your website to fit within your website's dimensions nicely.

Simply select your rows and columns option, and then whether your website has a dark background (eg navy blue or black), or a light background (eg white, cream, baby pink), then copy the generated code and paste it onto your site. Voila!

And you're done! Make some noise about your store on Twitter or Facebook, and tag Hello Pretty so that we can get in on the action.

Bow Peep's embedded Facebook store

Bow Peep's embedded Facebook store