helgé original hand made fabric wallets and bags

Notice from helgé original hand made fabric wallets and bags: This is a very late notice indeed. My most sincere apologies but I have not been at Shongweni Farmer's Market since January. This still remains my most favourite KZN market, but my life has taken a different turn and I had to follow with that. I now only make bags and wallets to order. If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me via this site. A selection of my work, including some shweshwe skirts and two men's shirts, is available at Mrs. Pinkerton's at the Mushroom Farm, Hillcrest during normal working hours including Sundays. Once again, my humblest apologies for this late notification. Thank you so much for your ongoing support for my produclts.

"Wallets are to me as pots are to a ceramicist."

All items are made with care and attention to detail.

All workmanship is 100% guaranteed.

Each wallet has a slot for notes, cards (the slot fits about 10 cards comfortably), and coins.

All studs are non-rust.

The following description does not apply to the "Student Wallet Range".

All wallets are coated with a fabric protector.

All wallets lined with Da Gama Shweshwe.

All wallets have a layer of iron-on vylene on the 'inner'.

I make a range of fabric wallets:

1. "Traditional Wallet" - R180 each

2. "Passport Wallet" R190 each (same as the Traditional Wallet but has a pouch for your passport)

3. "Da Gama shweshwe wallet". R240 each(same as Traditional Wallet but uses da gama shweswhe in all the panels)

4. "Student Wallet" - R130 each (see images)

I also make sling bags: currently out of stock.

I also make bags to order. Contact me for specifics and to get a quote.

I also make any individual fabric items e.g. cell phone cases.