Got 2 Love Art

Hi, this is me, Judy a proudly South African girl living in the most beautiful city in South Africa, Cape Town

 I don’t have any fancy art degrees but i do have passion and i just absolutely love, let me say that once again I LOVE  ART and being creative.

I’m inspired by the beauty of God’s creation and colour that is all around us, by the people in my life that encourage and push me to follow my dreams and to be able to do what i love.

I’m blessed to share my life with my  husband Chris, who is my rock, who always cheers on all of my “gazillion” crazy ideas even though it drives him dilly sometimes and  he is always behind me 100% no matter what.

I enjoy working with a variety of mediums which include but not limited to wood, metal, resin, acrylic paint ect, depends on how i am feeling that day lol.
Are you looking for something specific eg a painting or sketch of someone special ect  chat to me and i will try our best to make it happen.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please contact Got 2 Love within 10 days of receipt.

A refund or replacement will only be issued should the reason be valid and acceptable.

Please note that prices do not include delivery as delivery will be charged based on your area and the size of the item or alternatively the buyer can arrange a courier or collection.

Got 2 Love will not be held responsible for any damages caused to items that are collected by a third party eg courier