Glenn Adendorff Jewellery

Glenn Adendorff Jewellery is inspired by found objects associated with public space. Raw tactile beauty, Industrial forms, discarded objects and textures draw inspiration from various urban environments. 

Attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is what creates this unique street inspired aesthetic which translates into beautiful jewellery pieces. 

All Jewellery is hand crafted using a variety of hard wearing industrial composites combined with sterling silver. 


Glenn Adendorff is a contemporary art Jeweller from Durban South Africa.

He has worked as a Gold smith, and has earned a B ­­– Tech Degree from the Durban University of Technology in South Africa. He has explored many non traditional materials in the production of contemporary jewellery making. 

Other work includes collaboration with top South African fashion names producing collaborative ramp pieces,as well as designed prototype costumes for Warner Brother Films.

Glenn works from his Urban Studio *Studio 7 where he continues to explore work in different mediums, consisting of film,conceptual imagery as well as experimental music.


My work is based on and inspired by the use of found objects from popular culture sourced within public space. A major aspect of the work consists of the appropriation of found objects. The work is  assembled in an improvised type of bricolage. 
The work engages within a public space attempting to establish a dialogue between object, the body and environment.




Materials used are chosen for their visual as well as their physical strengths. As an artist who believes in quality craftsmanship, all materials combined with silver have been tested and are testament to strength and durability. 

We take pride in every piece made, weather from silver or found objects, each piece is treated with the same amount of care. If for some reason you the consumer are not happy with a product, products will gladly be replaced however funds cannot be remunerated.

Local and International Time Frames

Local orders within South Africa will commence once the item has been paid for in full. Manufacture will be complete in 7 to 10 working days and products will be overnight couriered on completion.

International orders will commence once the item has been paid for in full. Manufacture will be complete in 7 to 10 working days and products will be couriered on completion. International delivery time frame is between 3 to 4 days.


Glenn Adendorff Jewellery is a local trader and supplier to stores both locally and international. We are export ready and geared for international trade. Terms and conditions on export, whole sale prices and courier costs can be discussed via email. Agent details will be forwarded to you. For international enquiries in Europe. Please email [ email hidden ]

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