Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs for Sellers

How can I become a seller on Hello Pretty?

New sellers will be accepted via referrals. In order to become a seller, you should be invited by an existing seller. Our hope is that this will help maintain a high standard on the site, a good community, and keep the spammers out.

If you'd like more information, take a look at our Sell page.

When is Hello Pretty's launch?

On 25th May 2012 we opened our private beta to a limited group of sellers to try it out. On 15th August 2012, we joyfully celebrated our public beta launch. Hello Pretty has already had a phenomenal amount of organic press, at this point we started more actively working on marketing and this is where we're at now.

Can people buy my products while the site's in beta?

Yes. From the day we launch the private beta people will be able to use the site, find cool things and buy them. We’re currently trying out PayFast as our payment gateway. It supports both credit card and instant EFT payments.

Will Hello Pretty handle my stock, sales and delivery?

No. All purchases through Hello Pretty will be submitted directly to you, the seller. Hello Pretty simply provides a space for designers and consumers to connect and tries to stay out of their way as much as possible after that. When a purchase is made, the buyer pays immediately and Hello Pretty will pay the money out to you once a week, every Tuesday. As soon as you receive the order notification email when someone buys something, you as the seller are responsible for providing and shipping the goods timeously. Remember, Hello Pretty's terms state that all items must be shipped with a tracking number.

We understand that certain items are custom-made and take time to create after an order is placed. Please explain this in the product's description on the site, along with an approximation of how long a buyer can expect to wait.

Can only South Africans buy my things, or can international buyers also buy?

Hello Pretty is open to both local and international buyers but still limited to only South African sellers. We support buying by anyone who can make a payment with either EFT or a credit card.

What delivery options are supported?

We require all of our sellers to use a form of post that provides tracking numbers. It would be nice if we could all trust SA Post with our mail, but unfortunately that’s just not the case. Using tracking numbers provides protection against fraud for all parties involved.

Other than that, you should use the postal option that works best for you and your products. For each product you list, you’ll also specify the postage cost (assuming it’s not included in the price of your product). When someone makes a purchase, the cost for each product they’re purchasing will be automatically added to the sale.

In addition, if you would like to offer a self-collect option you can as well. This way customers who live in your area can save time and cost and pick it up directly from you.