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For something unique and quirky, try these hand crafted products made of a composite concrete / cement. Previously concrete was mainly used for industrial and light commercial uses, but we think, that this material can be used for so much more than just walls, floors and counter tops. We make each item individually and per order, so you will be guaranteed that nobody will have one exactly like yours. Its sometimes rough, sometimes smooth, but always unique. These products will make an unusual addition to your existing decor and will definitely be a topic of dicussion.  


Returns / exchanges

We unfortunately do not carry any stock and because all the items are hand crafted we cannot do high volumes at this current time. Every order has a two week waiting period, but we endeavor to make this sooner if possible. All returns / exchanges are for customers own account  (shipping & related) and although we hope there won't be any reasons for a return, we will gladly take returns only on defective items. This includes clock mechanisms "non working" and attachments. In the event that you had a change of heart about the item, or are just not satisfied with the purchase for any reason, please notify us first. It should be in original packaging and unopened. A handling fee will unfortunately be charged for items returned / exchanged for reasons other than being defective or "non working". 


Shipping is R100 for first purchase by road freight and it takes around 2-3 days.

Anything bought after first purchase will be charged at R50 if purchased consecutively or together.

Any purchase over R600.00 will qualify for free shipment. (to a maximum of 3 items over and above initial purchase, sets not included.)


The proper care should be taken when using any of these products as they contain sharp edges and small objects that could possibly be swallowed.  

The proper handling and intended use of these items will ensure no injuries, and prevent the item from either breaking or failing.

Keep away from little children to prevent injury. To clean just wipe with damp cloth.

When mounting the coat hangers, first drill pilot holes in chosen surface or drill a hole and fit a fischer plug, then turn screw attachment on coat hanger gently in, with no excessive force. Excessive force could cause it to come apart. Drill a hole in the surface that matches the size of the screw attachment or use a fischer plug. If you find its not turning in smoothly, opt for a slightly bigger drill bit and fisher plug.

Coat hangers are not to be used for anything other than its intended use of hanging a coat, jacket, umbrella, scarf or caps. They are not to be used for hanging heavy items or wall climbing apparatus and will fail under excessive load.

The clock's time needs to be set by the wheel on the back of the mechanism, and not by pushing or forcing the clocks hands into position. This will cause the clocks hands to either slip off it's axis or worse, damage to the mechanism. All items are tested before they are shipped, to check if they are in good working order. Please check polarity and strength of the battery if clock is not working. If the clocks hands do manage to fall off, it can easily be replaced by simply applying minimal pressure onto the stalk (white part of mechanism).


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