Dewald Kirsten

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Karin is a full-time mother of two beautiful girls. With being a teacher for nearly 13 years, it was time to make a change. She has always had a love for pretty things, including shoes and clothing.

The business started as an online children’s clothing shop but soon progressed to a thriving business and we then made the jump to mostly leather related products.

Karin is married to Dewald Kirsten, a full-time Professional Photographer. He has been in many publications and love landscapes and commercial photography. 

Today For Love and Leather specialized in bespoke genuine leather goods, from shoes and handbags to earrings and leather household items.

All products are manufactured by local artisans.  We supply genuine leather handmade handbags, travel bags, messenger bags, shoes and accessories and camera straps.  We are so proud of what we have achieved over the past few years.  Success is hard work, perseverance, learning and sacrifice and most important LOVE for what we are doing and learning to do.

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