Clayton Delville - Fine Gemstones and Jewellery

"I only create what is unique and a true reflection of coloured

gemstone beauty", says Clayton Delville. “I don’t only buy a gemstone purely for its value, I also buy a gemstone because of its raw beauty. My gemstones invoke emotion and open a window to the soul.  No matter their value, they simply cannot be replaced”


Clayton Delville is passionate about coloured gemstones.  He creates unique coloured gemstone jewellery that rivals that of the best in the world. He believes that vivid coloured gemstones far exceed the impact of diamonds in a jewellery piece and that diamonds should rather be used to bring out the beauty of the coloured gemstones.  He honours this principle throughout his jewellery range. 


Clayton Delville’s jewelry range is made up of gemstones of superb colours and varieties, normally only seen in the windows of the most exclusive Jewelers in London, New York or Hong Kong. Clayton Delville sources his gemstones from the best gem centres, fields and mines in the world. This allows him to buy the most valuable, rare and attractive coloured gemstones available.  Each gemstone is unique and therefore each piece of jewellery is a one of a kind. All gemstones cutting and jewellery production is done right here is Mzanzi.


When buying a Clayton Delville piece, you are buying a stone that was sourced specifically to be a one-of a kind treasure. Something truly unique in a colour, style, size and cut, that only you will own.

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