Bow Toes

Notice from Bow Toes : Custom orders can be made. Choose your favourite ribbon type, required length and desired aglet type.

Hand made satin and poly-satin Ribbon shoelaces.

The first thing you need to do it choose the colour (from the 'in stock' tab in the highlights reel) and length of your laces:

Short- 1m /lace

Medium- 1.2m/lace

Standard- 1.4m /lace

Long- 1.6m /lace

Tell me if you want colour, transparent or metal aglets(tips). Colours include red, yellow, black, white and blue. The metal aglets do'nt fit through eyelets smaller than 5ml.

The laces cost R50/pair for the classic range, R60/pair for luxury and printed, and R70/pair for 'm' range.

We do postnet to postnet delivery which is R99. Or PEP stores Paxi delivery which comes to R49.95 with delivery in 7-9 business days, or R75.95 for delivery in 5-7 business days to a PEP stores near you. Unfortunately with the state our country is in at the moment freight is more expensive than the product. The only alternative we can offer is free drop off in the general Durbanville, Cape Town area.