Bonafide Beards

We are a South African company who produce a range of handcrafted beard grooming products for men. 

Our Story:

I first began developing a beard grooming range for my husband, Joe, who was looking for something to to treat his dry, scraggly beard and itchy skin but if I have to be completely honest I also developed the range for myself As a woman, his beard is first thing we come into contact with when we’re intimate with our man. We feel it, touch it and taste it with the most sensitive part of our body – our faces and if that beard is not in tip top condition, we pay the price plus have to smell that funkiness!


Someone I know used to import his beard grooming products from America and I soon found out why… I looked for local products at barbers and hairdressers alike but it was all in vain. Not one of them stocked products for beards and sometimes they didn’t even know what I was talking about. Importing the products was not a feasible option, as they would take ages to get here plus land at triple the original price. So the very next best option… DEVELOP MY OWN!


And that was the day Bonafide Beards was born!

It was a very quick and exciting roller coaster ride from there and after a lots of research and finding out exactly what makes a beard gorgeous, the nourishing Beard Balm was very soon joined by a stimulating Beard Brush, a deep Cleansing Bar and finally a moisturising Beard Oil, with very new and exciting products and accessories on the horizon; coming soon to this website and a barber near you!


Because of the nature of our products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on cosmetics.

We pride ourselves in providing amazing service and thus wouldn't be caught dead using the Post Office :) but instead make use of Dawn Wing Courier services. All orders are shipped once payment has been received and delivery is usually within 24/72. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further queires ;)

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