Clocks as Décor

It’s great when an object has more than one function. I think clocks are very underrated; their job is to tell the time but they also make great décor pieces. How the watch can be a fashion statement and a great accessory, the clock can be a beautiful piece to add to your home too. I’ve found some great clocks on Hello Pretty that will look good anywhere you put them.

I love this simple clock with a rim from MATWILDESIGN, which would look great in your study. The Hamba Wall clock is something different with the rope detail, from Louw Roets, which is perfect for a man cave. The blue and white together on this clock from Sasha Leon is beautiful and perfect for a sunny kitchen.

Hallo Jane makes the most amazing clocks, I adore the peacock style bamboo clock and the vintage roman bamboo clock, both of them would look great in your bedroom.

My favourite is the peacock style bamboo clock, I think it would make a great gift for someone special too! 

Beautiful Edible Flowers In Lollipops

This week has been all about the sweet stuff that we all love and crave. I think edible flower lollipops are a great way to end off the week. The combination of sweets and flowers, which are two of my favourite things, is bound to be a winner. Janet Best, from the Sugar Bakers Bakery, is the creator of these beautiful lollipops and they are almost too pretty to eat.

The flowers, which are embedded into the lollipops, are grown indoors so that the bakers can make sure there are no toxins or bugs on them. They last pretty long too; once the flower petals are in the candy and if sealed properly, you can keep them for up to a year. I’m not sure about you, but mine definitely wouldn’t last a year.  

There are a variety of flavours including; blueberry, cotton candy, key lime pie and banana. The flowers they use range from pansies, violets to lavender.

These really are something special, I love how Janet has incorporated nature into simple sweets to make them a unique and creative project.

Hello Pretty has these Gin & Tonic lollipops from the Lollipop League which are just as special and would make great wedding favours or gifts. 

Decorate Your Bakes With Hello Pretty

I think the best part of baking, besides eating the treats you made, is the decorating. I have always loved baking and I get super excited when it’s time to pipe the icing on and decorate the cupcakes or whatever I made with sweets, chocolate or toppers. It’s such a fun and creative project for those rainy, cold weekends when you can’t go outside or to keep the kids busy during the school holidays. There are some great baking aids and decorations available on Hello Pretty.

These heart cake toppers from the Smart Resources Designs store are beautiful and will show off the love you have put into your cakes. The rose drops from the Lollipop League will look beautiful on those pink cupcakes you made. How cute are these fondant turtles from Hand made in Stillbay? They would be perfect on cupcakes for a kid’s party. The happy birthday cake topper from the Mocho Loco Store is ideal for a friend’s birthday cake. For some unique cookies, I love these cookie cutters from I love this and that.

Doesn’t this make you feel like baking now? 

Image one: happy birthday cake topper
Image two:  rose drops
Image three:  fondant turtles
Image four:  heart cake toppers
Image five:  cookie cutters

The Perfect Mug For Those Cold Winter Days

With winter fast approaching, I know I’ll be drinking a lot more tea, cappuccinos and of course hot chocolate. I’ve always had a favourite mug, which only I’m allowed to drink from, that’s been with me for years. To be honest it’s actually a really ugly mug. It’s the perfect size, but it’s a strange brown colour and chipped. Now that I think of it, it has quite a weird shape too. I’m sure many of you can relate; whether it’s at work or home, that special mug which you hide in the back of the cupboard is yours and yours alone.

So, I think it’s time for a new mug. I love these options available on Hello Pretty; the vixen mug from Sugar & Vice is foxy and their work like a boss mug, which will start your day off well, is great. The I am a mother mug from Cronje Design Co, is perfect for all the mothers out there. I love the detail on this angel wing mug from Pink Orange Designs. We all need some comfort every now and then, so the hug in a mug from Flat White Concepts is ideal.

I think it’s totally okay to have more than one favourite mug, why not have one for each day of the week? 

Image One: Vixen Mug
Image Two: Work like a boss Mug
Image Three: I am a mother mug
Image Four: Angel wing mug
Image Five:  Hug in a mug

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I had a blue and white teddy bear when I was little and I’m sure I’ll always remember her, even though she is long gone. I’m sure many of you had a favourite teddy when you were young and like me, named them too. At that point in time they are your best friend and a source of comfort. I think that every child needs a teddy when they are young, to think of fondly when they are older.

I saw some unique and adorable teddies for children on Hello Pretty; this classic pink Daisy teddy bear from foxy.moon is ideal for a little girl. The same store makes this very cool unicorn teddy called Skye, which I’m obsessed with. They also make Ebony the elephant, which looks so comfy to cuddle. Yves the raccoon from Cawi Kids & Co is something unique and I love the colours together.  How cute is the Lala Rabbit teddy from the Cawi Kids & Co as well? 

Image One: Daisy
Image Two: Skye
Image Three: Ebony
Image Four: Yves
Image Five: Lala


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