An Ode to Old Japan

One of the Hello Pretty team, Justin, left Cape Town yesterday for a blissful 2 week break in Japan. So instead of writing about how bitterly jealous I am, sitting here in these foggy overcast conditions, I’m posting some vintage Japan snaps from the Flickr Commons.

  1. Woman with mirrors, taken in 1890.
  2. Home Learning to play a harp-like instrument.
  3. Playing the samisen which is a 3-stringed guitar.
  4. A doctor and his patient. Taken between 1867 and 1869. Is that a sword poking out from under his cape? Not sure I would like being treated under those conditions.

This one’s a little more modern (from 1966), but I loved it and had to include it. Japanese Origami, photographed in 1966.


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