Five visa-free countries for South Africans to visit


This beautiful country, otherwise known as the emerald isle, is a real gem. Although there are quite a few rainy days, the rest definitely makes up for it! The people are warm and friendly, the food is amazing and Ireland’s natural wonders are a must see. Dublin is an amazing city with a great vibe; enjoy it with a pint of Guinness! 

New Zealand

This amazing country is far to travel to, but so worth it! New Zealand has everything from beaches to mountains to sunshine and snow, so it has a little something for everyone. Possibly the coolest attraction is Hobbiton, where parts of the movies The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were made. 


Think sun, sand and cocktails! When you imagine a beach holiday, Thailand is definitely one of the destinations that come to mind. With its tropical feel, markets, amazing ocean and many beaches; this is a great place to visit for that much needed getaway. 


This colourful and vibrant country is a big attraction to many people each year! A must-see in this country is the Christ the Redeemer statue, and a must-do is one of the many colourful festivals. Football fans will feel at home as the sport is very popular here! 


This island lies just off of Malaysia and has a tropical climate. It is great for shopping; whether high street or markets and customer service here is excellent. Clean streets, friendly people and shopping; what more do you need?

I think it's time for my next holiday! 
Source: Buzz South Africa

Image Sources:

New Zealand- Break in the clouds by tom_hall_nz

Thailand- Longtail Boats by hadsie

Singapore- View of Singapore City Skyline From Esplanade by edwin11

Ireland- Ireland by autumnal-fires

Brazil- Christ Redeemer by justonemoreshot


The Initial Necklace

With Valentine's Day just two weeks away, it might be time to start brainstorming! 

Trends come and go when it comes to fashion and jewellery, but the initial necklace could become a classic piece. A small, dainty necklace with the initial of your name or the name of someone important to you can only look great! 

I love the idea of keeping your loved ones close to you, and the initial necklace does just that. Whether it’s your partner, mother, aunt or child’s initial on the necklace, you will think of them constantly. 

This necklace could be a gift to yourself too, a reminder that you are doing great and can handle whatever the world throws at you! Maybe the necklace has no meaning to you; it does well as a simple piece of jewellery as well! 

This is one of those pieces you could wear every day and never take off; it could even do well mixed with other jewellery!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, this could be the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.thula sells a beautiful initial necklace on Hello Pretty for just R470. 

I think it's time I place my order! 

Indulge this Summer season with these Cecilia's Farm products!

Indulge this Summer season with these Cecilia's Farm products!

We just love the folk's over at Cecilia's Farm, and we love delicious food, so it was only to be expected that we would become friendly. 

This 7th generation fruit farm grows a long list of different fruit here including cling peaches, apricots, nectarines, prunes, plums, various types of pears and apples, and even some grapes. They also make some DELICIOUS fruit and nut products - many of which we have had the privilege of tasting.

We were extra excited to hear about their new Honey Nut Drizzles, just in time for summer, Christmas, the weekend - any time to eat really.

Indulge this Summer season with these Cecilia's Farm products!

"Just in time for Summer, Cecilia's Farm have sourced the best local, badger-friendly honey and added to it a carefully chosen mix of chopped dried fruits and nuts, adding a whole new dimension of crunchy and chewy texture and delicious flavours to the honey.  Serve and enjoy as you would use plain honey. It is especially delicious drizzled over a soft camembert, hot flapjacks or as a filling for pancakes! Add whipped cream for the ultimate decadence! Honey Nut Drizzles are available in Fig & Peach or Apricot & Cranberry at R42,50/jar from the Cecilia’s Farm online Store or the Cecilia's Farm shop in Ceres."

Indulge this Summer season with these Cecilia's Farm products!
Indulge this Summer season with these Cecilia's Farm products!

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