Fruit wheels from Cecilia's Farm

As a small and local business who loves other small local businesses, we've build some fulfilling relationships with inspiring people throughout the lifetime of Hello Pretty. One such business is Cecilia's Farm.

Cecilia's is on a farm near Ceres called Koelfontein. They do fruits, nuts and wine and believe that nothing but the best fruit and nuts should go into their products and we can attest to them being true to their word.

A couple of weeks back we tried out a new product they've released, called their fruit wheels. We bought all of the cheese in Cape Town, and a few other treats to have with them, and had our friends over and all stuffed our faces. And obviously wine. Obviously.

They have an online store over here so you can get yourself some of their delicious things. When you place your order, we highly recommend trying a bottle or two of their 2011 Shiraz. It's a beauty. And the nougat is from another talented South African artisan called Ma Mère and we bought ours from Fabricate in the Gardens Centre.

Furniture on Hello Pretty

Looking for new furniture? Do a little online shopping on Hello Pretty, I’ve found some great buys that are modern and exclusive.

I fell in love with this half-moon table in copper and gilt from reMake upcycled furniture store when I saw it.  With it’s beautiful green leather top it looks like a vintage piece, which I’m obsessed with. This will look perfect in any entrance hall or bedroom.

I love this fun and non-symmetrical Frama bookshelf from Simpli Décor. It doesn’t just have to be a bookshelf, but can house anything you want. A little tip from the sellers; the bookshelf makes a great room divider too.

The soft grey stool from Leg Studios is modern and I think these would look great around a dinner table for something a little different. The seat cover is made from felt and the different shapes accentuate the uniqueness of these furniture pieces.

Another must have from Leg Studios are these brass plated steel side tables. These will definitely give your living room or bedroom a fun and edgy look.

The four-drawer TV cabinet from The Pallet Collection is great because it’s made from upcycled wood and you can choose from a variety of stains. I love that it’s a solid piece with enough space for you TV, DSTV, DVD player and anything else you might need to put there. 

Image one: Half-moon table
Image two: Frama bookshelf
Image three: Grey stool
Image four: Steel side tables
Image five: TV cabinet

Dubai’s Amazing Floating Apartments

Picture lying in bed with a panoramic view of colourful tropical fish swimming around a beautiful coral bed, a pod of dolphins or maybe even a shark or two? This is now possible thanks to the developers of the Kleindienst Group, who are going to build 42 floating boat-like structures called “The Floating Seahorse”. 

The amazing properties, which are now for sale, are set to be completed at the end of 2016. Each ‘apartment’ will have three levels: an upper deck with an amazing view, the main floor which is at sea level and then an underwater section which will contain the master bedroom and bathroom. Phase one and two of the project have already been sold out and they will be launching a third phase, “The Heart of Europe”.

The company said in a press release that the project’s name is linked to protecting sea life in the Persian Gulf. They plan to create an artificial coral reef, which will be a safe place for seahorses to live and breed. This will of course all be seen from the apartment’s lower level.

When thinking of Dubai, I picture grand building projects, so these underwater apartments will fit right in! I can just imagine how relaxing it must be to take a bubble bath while watching the seahorses swimming around the coral, but a small part of me would be terrified at the thought of being submerged under water.

Would you live in one of these apartments? I guess every day would feel like a holiday! 

Spoil Mom This Mother’s Day With Hello Pretty

If you haven’t realized, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. But don’t panic, I’ve got you covered with some awesome last minute gift choices from Hello Pretty. They won’t seem last minute at all, as they are that great. There is a little something of everything, depending on what your mom loves and I’m sure she will feel special.

Spoil mom this weekend with these stunning Halo rose gold earrings from WHYJewellery. You can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of earrings.

A handy sling bag is always a great idea for a gift, I love this clay sling bag from Created in Eden. A girl can never have too many bags, right?

Bath products are always a good idea, get mom the coffee fix set from Darling Jane. If she loves coffee and a nice bath, this is the perfect combination.

30 Gin and Tonic lollipops from The Lollipop League will last mom for a month, everyone needs a little sweet treat at the end of each day and what’s better than a Gin and Tonic lollipop?

I know my mother would love this beaded necklace from Blossom Handmade, the touch of black makes it a little different.

You’re welcome.

Image one: rose gold earrings
Image two: clay sling bag
Image three: coffee fix bath set
Image four: lollipops
Image five: beaded necklace

Unique Decor Pieces

I love how adding a small piece of décor into your home can really make a difference. With the interior decorating business booming, there are so many products available, meaning we can pick and choose from such a wide range. People are creating unique, interesting and fun décor pieces that will give your home that modern and fresh look.

I’ve found a few interesting décor pieces on Hello Pretty, that are different and fascinating and they could almost be classified as art pieces.

I love the hexagonal shelves from Drift and Pine, they are perfect for a little revamp. You can place other pieces of décor on them that were otherwise scattered around the room.  How cute is the Mr Bolt pipe lamp from Quanto -E -Bello for a boy’s room, it almost looks like a transformer!

Drift and Pine have another piece that is unique, fun and incorporates a bit of nature; the flower bud forest (penta table) is perfect for a coffee table. I think having coasters on a coffee table is very important and looks good too, I love the honeycomb coasters from Leg Studios.
These wall hooks from Lovilee are both functional and will look great in a bathroom, cloakroom or entrance hall!

I think it’s time to add a few pieces to my house, the hexagonal shelves are the first on my list. 

Image one: hexagonal shelves
Image two: Mr Bolt pipe lamp
Image three: flower bud forest
Image four:  honeycomb coasters
Image five:  wall hooks


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