Your Kid’s Room With Hello Pretty

I like the idea of neutral or pastel colours for decorating a kid’s room. I have chosen some beautiful and adorable products from Hello Pretty that will make a great addition to your kid’s bedroom. The products are all neutral, so any of these can be used in a boy or a girl’s room.

This colourful hot air balloon garland from the younghearts store is a good choice to bring some colour and fun into your kid’s room. I love the pastel colours.

Then there are the crochet floor cushions from PommePomme. The neutral colour is great for a girl or boy’s room. Perfect for bedtime stories.

How cute is the animals and tree wall art from the Custom Vinyl Art store? I love the African theme and the pretty colours.

The large cloud cushion from Sprouts Kids Co is ideal for your little one to snuggle into at night. They will be off to dreamland with their cloud cushion in no time.

I think the large wooden elephant carving from Hands Design Collective is so cute to put in a kid’s room as a décor piece. When they are older they could even play with it as a toy. 

aFREAKa Onesies for Winter

With winter fast approaching I think it’s only appropriate to acquire a onesie to keep you warm. Why not have a little fun with it as well? aFREAKa Clothing designs and makes a range of fun and colourful onesies for adults and children. 

The idea for the business came about when founder Ole, went on a road trip in a black cat onesie that he almost never took off. He found it to be comfortable and practical and many people enquired after the onesie, wanting one for themselves too. 

aFREAKa clothing has two ranges; the first is the animal onesie range. These are made from polar fleece making them warm, comfortable and easy to wear. They have about 80 different characters or animals to choose from. The second range are the INYE onesies, these are made from 100% cotton and are a little more stylish.

What’s great is that they make onesies for children and for adults, so your whole family can keep warm and look awesome. I think the adult springbok onesie is perfect for the upcoming rugby games against Ireland next month, you’ll be warm and comfortable throughout the game.

There is a bit of mystery concerning what animal their logo is; can you guess it? As aFREAKa says, “Remember: winter is coming!”

Image One: Adult Tigger
Image Two: Kids Pink Dinosaur
Image Three: Adult Springbok
Image Four: Adult Flying Squirrel
Image Five: Kids Pink Bunny

Colour Palette- Purples

Today’s blog post is all about hues of purple. I must say lilac is one of my favourite colours, but I also love the rich, deep mulberry purple. Here are some beautiful purple products from Hello Pretty.

The purple butterfly from the Dilly Dolly store would look great in a kid’s room; I love the different shades of purple on this artwork.  

I love this grape purple scarf from Thrifty Magpie, it’s perfect for the upcoming winter season.
This small clutch from Sew & Such is ideal for make-up or it’s something that could fit into your bigger handbag.

The Lumbar cushions from Kerry Cherry Designs and Prints are always a good idea. I love the purple hue and the patterns on these.

The sterling silver purple heart pendant from Eon Hoon would make the perfect gift for a friend. I love the purple detail in the heart. 

Image one: purple butterfly print
Image two: grape purple scarf
Image three: small clutch
Image four: Lumbar cushion
Image five: heart pendant

Magda Wasiczek’s beautiful photos transport you into a fairy tale world

Do you remember reading books as a child about fairies who live among beautiful flowers? Magda Wasiczek is a Polish photographer, whose photographs of nature look like they’re taken out of a fairy tale. These photos seem to transport you into a different world, they are that unique and beautiful.

Magda uses photography as a tool to raise awareness about nature. She likes to look a bit deeper than just on the surface, by taking note of the small details in the flowers, plants and small animals she photographs. Magda likes to get close up to her subjects and really captures the beauty that many don’t notice.

The Polish photographer has always been artistic, before photography she loved to paint and draw. Her aim with these photos is to show people how beautiful nature around us really is. In today’s fast-paced world, not many people stop to smell the roses and the average person doesn’t notice what’s around them.

Magda hopes that when people look at her fairy tale photos, the child inside them will wake up. She believes that through a child’s eyes the world is more mysterious, full of surprises, fascinating and colourful. She hopes that all people will begin to see the world and nature around us like this again.

It really does feel like I’ve been transported to another world when looking through Magda’s photographs. I love the details and beautiful colours. For more photographs, have a look at Magda’s website

Source: Bored Panda
Images: Magda Wasiczek

Cool Plates on Hello Pretty

Are you tired of eating out of the same old boring plates from the kitchen cupboard? I’ve found some pretty cool plates on Hello Pretty that will bring something new and exciting into your kitchen. You could even display some of them if you wanted, they’re that cool.

These white plates from Sandy Godwin Clay Creations are taken next level with the wavy look and details, I think they would make any table look amazing. These nice legs dinner plates from BeKind are cute and unique and are bound to put a smile on your face.  They also make these love more plates, reminding us to give a little love every day.

How cute is this blue and white bunny plate from the Pink Orange Designs Store? They would be perfect for the kids. This is something completely different and exciting; the edge ceramic plate from Aaron Kearney Design, allows you to eat without a knife. How cool are they?

Image one: white plates
Image two: nice legs
Image three: love more
Image four: bunny plate
Image five: edge ceramic plate


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