Colour Palette- Purples

Today’s blog post is all about hues of purple. I must say lilac is one of my favourite colours, but I also love the rich, deep mulberry purple. Here are some beautiful purple products from Hello Pretty.

The purple butterfly from the Dilly Dolly store would look great in a kid’s room; I love the different shades of purple on this artwork.  

I love this grape purple scarf from Thrifty Magpie, it’s perfect for the upcoming winter season.
This small clutch from Sew & Such is ideal for make-up or it’s something that could fit into your bigger handbag.

The Lumbar cushions from Kerry Cherry Designs and Prints are always a good idea. I love the purple hue and the patterns on these.

The sterling silver purple heart pendant from Eon Hoon would make the perfect gift for a friend. I love the purple detail in the heart. 

Image one: purple butterfly print
Image two: grape purple scarf
Image three: small clutch
Image four: Lumbar cushion
Image five: heart pendant

Magda Wasiczek’s beautiful photos transport you into a fairy tale world

Do you remember reading books as a child about fairies who live among beautiful flowers? Magda Wasiczek is a Polish photographer, whose photographs of nature look like they’re taken out of a fairy tale. These photos seem to transport you into a different world, they are that unique and beautiful.

Magda uses photography as a tool to raise awareness about nature. She likes to look a bit deeper than just on the surface, by taking note of the small details in the flowers, plants and small animals she photographs. Magda likes to get close up to her subjects and really captures the beauty that many don’t notice.

The Polish photographer has always been artistic, before photography she loved to paint and draw. Her aim with these photos is to show people how beautiful nature around us really is. In today’s fast-paced world, not many people stop to smell the roses and the average person doesn’t notice what’s around them.

Magda hopes that when people look at her fairy tale photos, the child inside them will wake up. She believes that through a child’s eyes the world is more mysterious, full of surprises, fascinating and colourful. She hopes that all people will begin to see the world and nature around us like this again.

It really does feel like I’ve been transported to another world when looking through Magda’s photographs. I love the details and beautiful colours. For more photographs, have a look at Magda’s website

Source: Bored Panda
Images: Magda Wasiczek

Cool Plates on Hello Pretty

Are you tired of eating out of the same old boring plates from the kitchen cupboard? I’ve found some pretty cool plates on Hello Pretty that will bring something new and exciting into your kitchen. You could even display some of them if you wanted, they’re that cool.

These white plates from Sandy Godwin Clay Creations are taken next level with the wavy look and details, I think they would make any table look amazing. These nice legs dinner plates from BeKind are cute and unique and are bound to put a smile on your face.  They also make these love more plates, reminding us to give a little love every day.

How cute is this blue and white bunny plate from the Pink Orange Designs Store? They would be perfect for the kids. This is something completely different and exciting; the edge ceramic plate from Aaron Kearney Design, allows you to eat without a knife. How cool are they?

Image one: white plates
Image two: nice legs
Image three: love more
Image four: bunny plate
Image five: edge ceramic plate

Fruit wheels from Cecilia's Farm

As a small and local business who loves other small local businesses, we've build some fulfilling relationships with inspiring people throughout the lifetime of Hello Pretty. One such business is Cecilia's Farm.

Cecilia's is on a farm near Ceres called Koelfontein. They do fruits, nuts and wine and believe that nothing but the best fruit and nuts should go into their products and we can attest to them being true to their word.

A couple of weeks back we tried out a new product they've released, called their fruit wheels. We bought all of the cheese in Cape Town, and a few other treats to have with them, and had our friends over and all stuffed our faces. And obviously wine. Obviously.

They have an online store over here so you can get yourself some of their delicious things. When you place your order, we highly recommend trying a bottle or two of their 2011 Shiraz. It's a beauty. And the nougat is from another talented South African artisan called Ma Mère and we bought ours from Fabricate in the Gardens Centre.

Furniture on Hello Pretty

Looking for new furniture? Do a little online shopping on Hello Pretty, I’ve found some great buys that are modern and exclusive.

I fell in love with this half-moon table in copper and gilt from reMake upcycled furniture store when I saw it.  With it’s beautiful green leather top it looks like a vintage piece, which I’m obsessed with. This will look perfect in any entrance hall or bedroom.

I love this fun and non-symmetrical Frama bookshelf from Simpli Décor. It doesn’t just have to be a bookshelf, but can house anything you want. A little tip from the sellers; the bookshelf makes a great room divider too.

The soft grey stool from Leg Studios is modern and I think these would look great around a dinner table for something a little different. The seat cover is made from felt and the different shapes accentuate the uniqueness of these furniture pieces.

Another must have from Leg Studios are these brass plated steel side tables. These will definitely give your living room or bedroom a fun and edgy look.

The four-drawer TV cabinet from The Pallet Collection is great because it’s made from upcycled wood and you can choose from a variety of stains. I love that it’s a solid piece with enough space for you TV, DSTV, DVD player and anything else you might need to put there. 

Image one: Half-moon table
Image two: Frama bookshelf
Image three: Grey stool
Image four: Steel side tables
Image five: TV cabinet


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