Attending the protests against gender-based violence in Cape Town

On Thursday the 5th of September thousands of women and men matched in solidarity to parliament to protest against gender based violence. For as long as I can remember South Africa has had an uncomfortably high rate of rape and murder. This really hit home over the course of last month (Women's month) with several high profile rapes and murders. 

Finally, South Africans reached breaking point and decided enough is enough. The public wanted to be heard, wanted to be listened to, wanted to be understood. And so we heard the accounts from rape survivors, from rape crisis organisations and from the President himself. Many sobbed in the crowd, either direct victims of sexual abuse or gender based violence, or knowing someone who has been. People were furious, outraged and heartbroken.

When our President addressed the crowd people chanted 'action action action'. The public will no longer tolerate empty promises and empty words. The President was even booed by the crowd several times as the people want action. The people of South Africa want change. The proposed reforms the President was speaking about should be standard in any case, now all we can do is to keep the same energy directed towards this issue. The same feelings of zero tolerance. 

Hello Pretty supports many women-run businesses and we just want our sellers as well as our customers to know that we will continue to support you in every way we can. We hope that our platform contributes to a sense of empowerment in this rather tumultuous climate we're experiencing here in South Africa at the moment.

Hello Dutch Pretty - meet Sem!

Hi there, my name is Sem (yes, this is my full name), a Dutch Fashion Student who’s ready to be Hello Pretty’s intern for the next five months. I feel blessed to get this great opportunity to be part of the Hello Pretty family and to live in this fantastic city (Cape Town).

I'm a spontaneous and sociable twenty-two year old girl who's always up for a party, so I can't leave good food and drinks standing. I love to travel and my dream is to see as much of the world as possible. I’ve left a bunch of lovely people in the Netherlands to start this adventure, but I've already found a lot of lovely friends in Cape Town.

I came to CPT with a 60 KG suitcase fully packed with clothes, I love clothes.

I'm in the process of completing my studies, and I'm sure that Hello Pretty has a lot to offer me, so I can go home with a new family, two suitcases full of knowledge, a lot of great memories and to graduate in February and rock all the Dutch people's asses off. I am excited to show you what I (& Hello Pretty) have to offer.

Byeee (in Holland I say: GROETJES)
P.s. I cannot wait to face a new summer season!!!!

Giveaway: Wishfull Thinking & Hello Pretty

We're super excited to go live with this giveaway in collaboration with one of our sellers, Wishfull Thinking

Leigh-Ann and her mom Bev design and craft decor for your little one's nursery or bedroom. All of their products are handcrafted and made with the utnmost love. They're hoping to add some sparkle and magic to kid's bedroom decor. And we absolutely love what these two ladies have been creating.

So if you feel like winning this magical unicorn garland then simply head on over to either our Facebook page or Instagram page and get liking. The giveaway will run for a week. Good luck :)

Hello Pretty featured on

Hey All,

We thought we'd share this exciting feature with you from, written by Nicole Crampton. It showcases Hello Pretty as one of ten examples to inspire your next business idea 💡💡💡 Thank you Nicole, we are really honoured.

We really are passionate about providing South Africans with a good platform to sell their designs and crafts. We love supporting small and local because this is where communities really develop and grow. Like most of you, we are a small company with 4 people so we really do relate to just how challenging (yet rewarding) doing everything yourselves can be.

So we thought we'd take this opportunity to say thank you for all of the support. We would never be where we are today without our sellers, designers and customers.

We know that starting any kind of business can seem like a daunting prospect but Hello Pretty does all we can to make it super simple and easy. So if you're umming and ahhing about whether you should put yourself out there - we're here to tell you "we'd love to have you"! Please join us at  at this link:

Love The HP Team


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