Tips and Tricks to having your stall stand out.

Hello Pretty Spicy Designers!

Hope you all are awesome and super excited for the Pretty Spicy Market.
The time has finally come for you all to take out the big guns and we are here to help guide you.

Market season has come, so that means the preps can begin! But lets be honest, the competition between vendors is killing… So let us help you to be your very best on the big day and the talk of the market.

But how will your stall stand out in a big crowd of others? Well, with the following tips and tricks of course!

First of all, maybe the most important thing to keep in mind is that the presentation of your stall must be on point. The lay out must be irresistible, So people have no choice but to check your products out.

You can do all kinds of different things to make your stall look cute and fun! Like a nice tablecloth, some flowers, hek even a Bicycle.The point is be creative! 

Don’t put to many items of a one product on the table you dont want it to look chaotic, Its not presentable and definitely not attractive.

Try to make your table look organized so that the people can have a nice overview of what you are selling and not end up being confused.

Posted by Porchia on 29 Nov 2019