I like pink drinks.

Some people don't enjoy surprises. I am not one of them.

I've just been away for a month on training, and it's been a little slow-going cranking myself back into gear. I stepped out to grab a coffee, and returned to this:


Do you know what that is?

Wine. It's WINE.

Put your desires and intentions out into the universe and watch them manifest, they say. Well, tickle me pink and call me a convert, because that business is real, my friends, and I have consumed the proof.

In celebration of Leap Day on Monday, Spier Secret sent us a this glorious thing:

Let us all have a minute of silence for this delightful pink Leap Day drink, which was gone before it's time.

Thank you Spier. You bring a tear of joy to my eye.

The Perfect Vanity Area

Weekday mornings are always a rush for me as I try to get ready for the day ahead as quickly as possible! Most of us have a routine in the morning, which makes things run a little bit smoother. Whether it’s getting ready for work, school-runs or for that glamourous night out, we all need the perfect vanity area.

Getting ready for the day or an event is so much more relaxing and easier when all of your make-up and hair products are in one place. When you know where everything is, it just goes that much faster. And we all need to save a bit of time here and there, right?

I love the White Organizer Shelf and the Copper Organizer Shelf from Leg Studios on Hello Pretty!  These are great because you can put them on your vanity table or you can mount them to a wall; whichever you prefer! Not only will they keep your cosmetics and products organized, but they look beautiful too.

To top off your perfect vanity area, this rectangular Hollywood Glam Vanity Mirror or the round Hollywood Glam Vanity Mirror from Be Beautiful by Katy M is ideal. I would love the white organizer shelf on my vanity table with a beautiful vase of flowers! 

Image One- White Organizer Shelf
Image Two- Copper Organizer Shelf
Image Three- Hollywood Glam Vanity Mirror
Image Four- Hollywood Glam Vanity Mirror
Image Five- Make-up by Maria Morri

Milan’s Green Building; The Bosco Verticale

Milan may be one of the leading cities when it comes to fashion and design, but they are doing pretty well with looking after the environment too. I was lucky enough to visit Milan last year, and saw these buildings from a far and they definitely do draw your attention.

The Bosco Verticale, otherwise known as Milan’s green buildings, are situated in the district of Porta Nuova. They were designed by Boeri Studio and built because of the growing cities and the loss of nature around us. The project is the world’s first vertical forest; I love the idea of expanding but taking nature into account as well.

The buildings are 110 and 76 meters high respectively, and are aimed at reducing pollution and creating a better living space for people. They are covered in a range of trees, which will help with absorbing carbon dioxide and dust particles, producing humidity and oxygen and will protect from radiation and acoustic pollution.

The plants and trees are planted on each apartment’s balcony. The trees have been chosen to correspond with Milan’s weather; in summer they will provide shade and filter pollution and in the winter the bare trees will allow some sunlight into the apartments for warmth.

If you are wondering about all the water for the plants, they’ve got that covered too! The plant’s water will be reused greywater from the building, which will have been filtered through a system designed for them.

Not only are these buildings helping to save the planet, but they look beautiful too. With Milan being one of the fashion capitals of the world, it is only fitting that they are.

Source: Inhabitat

*Image Sources:
Image One- Bosco Verticale Milan by Phil Beard
Image Two- Urban Forest-Milan by Lorenzoclick
Image Three- Urban Forest – Milan by Lorenzoclick
Image Four- Bosco Verticale by Mishkabear

Pamper Your Pooch With Hello Pretty

If you’re a dog lover like me, you’ll love these amazing products Hello Pretty has to offer for your furry friends. Spoiling yourself is great, but spoiling your dog is even better.

Next time you’re out walking your dog, they will be looking very stylish in their Posh Pet’s Gear collar and matching leash. When you get home and you snuggle up for that movie, your pet will smell fresh thanks to Rondavel’s natural shampoo bar.  After the movie, when you and your furry friend are tired, they can take a nap in their dog box from Simpli Décor.

Simpli Décor also makes beautiful pet bowls, looking more like décor rather than an empty food bowl lying around. Last but not least, get yourself a little something; I love this dachshund adjustable bracelet from the Long Dog.

Nameless Paints Created To Teach Kids About Colours

Two Japanese designers have come up with a new and exciting way to teach children about colours. Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki created “Nameless Paints”, with their aim being to develop the definition of a colour beyond just a name.

There are so many shades of colours; for example a leaf is not just green or the sky is not just plain blue. Therefore this set of paint tubes is a great way to start expanding colour awareness.

The paint tubes are completely white and have an “equation” on them showing which primary colours, and how much of each, were used to make that specific colour in the tube. So, instead of a child just learning the name of a colour, they learn about the theory and how colours work.

I love this idea as it teaches kids to be more creative and once they understand the theory behind colours; they can experiment by mixing and creating new colours themselves.  

The look of the paints and the packaging is really great; I’m sure many adults would love a set of “Nameless Paints” too!


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