That time we couldn't restrain ourselves for more than an hour.

Last monday was an exciting day for the team: our brand new intern Néna joined our team for 3 months! So we hung out together at Hello Pretty HQ and stuffed our faces with cheese. Wonderful, wonderful cheese. We got a picnic kit from Fairview that was actually intended to be a load-shedding candle-lit picnic-dinner kit, but there was no chance of that stuff lasting more than an hour. I mean, look at this.

and three different types of cheese: the white rock with figs, an onion and chives cream cheese "loaf", and my personal favourite, a camembert. Thankfully their cheeses are actually widely distributed.

Fairview, we love you guys. And as well, we love cheese! A lot. No but really, really a lot. Thank you for this bundle of heavenly goodness. It made for an infinitely better lunch than the take-out we were planning to get.

Posted by Sam on 10 Jul 2015

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