Studio Visit to Leg Studios

If you were to ask us what we like better - good design or good coffee, we'd find it extremely hard to give you an answer. Thankfully, when we invited ourselves round to Leg Studios, we didn't have to choose!

Leon, Giulia, and Tim have created a bright, busy, and welcoming space with something delightful to look at every way you turn.

Leon Erasmus, Giulia Odendaal, and Tim Richert of Leg Studios

Their studio (in the Salt Circle Arcade) is part office, part store, part experimental and creative space. Along with the beautiful Leg products we know and love, they've also selected a handful of items from some local design favourites, and engaged in collaborations with others - see if you can spot them!

The team made us some superlative coffee, and offered us pastries - which means that they're now basically our favourite people on earth. Conversation covered everything from their background in installation design to what makes their creative engines tick, with a few detours discussing boarding schools, impulse purchases, travel, and more.


We were also lucky enough to be allowed a first look at one of their brand new designs - a concrete version of their beautiful butcher block table. Naturally, I fell head over heels in love with it. The only thing stopping me from trying to sneak it out the studio in my handbag was the fact that being concrete, it would take a little more muscle power than I had to spare.

Thanks again, Leg team, for allowing us to invade your studio (and for the coffee and pastries - nom!). We'll definitely be back for another visit - I'll just need to bring a bigger bag for that table...
You can see the rest of the snaps from our visit here.

If you've just found out about Leg Studios for the first time, you can check out their fantastic designs in their Hello Pretty store, and stay in touch with them on Facebook.

Posted by Adeline on 29 Aug 2014

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