RYO Coffee visits the Hello Pretty team

Last week Kirsten from RYO Coffee swung round to HQ to give us a crash course in home roasting - and guys, it's so easy.

She arrived carrying a box full of the green coffee beans that she sells via her Hello Pretty store, as well as some grinders - we showed her the kitchen and she lept straight in.

Tools needed: green coffee beans - we used the RYO Blend. Wok or saucepan. Spatula.

Not nearly as hectic as you'd think right? You start on a high heat, flipping the coffee beans over gently. Once they start getting a bit smoky you can turn the heat down, and consistently stir through the beans until you reach your preferred darkness.

Now note! These little suckers get crazy hot, so keep your fingers away from them until they've cooled.

Stir them through in a colander to remove the husks, and you're ready to grind. Don't have a grinder? No worries, RYO can sort you right out with one here.

My arms are more or less good for nothing, and even I could grind like a pro within seconds.

And we have coffee! RYO is making roasting your own coffee super accessible. It's really not a terrifying, technical process, as many coffee roasters would have you believe. (Not to knock their methods, because their coffee is delicious too!)

Impress your buddies with your own hand roasted, hand ground coffee at your next party - having gone through the ropes and tasted the results, we can highly recommend it!

*If you like this, stay tuned because on Monday we may have a little treat for you.*

Posted by Lee on 20 Feb 2015

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