Pretty Flamingo

Flamingos on Hello Pretty

We just lurve the current flamingo trend - yes, we're those people who would totally buy those plastic lawn flamingos. Why? Because they're awesome of course.

So what better way to express our love than by showing you all where to get the best flamingo themed products on the site?

We know, we're pretty great like that.

  1. Wrapping paper and gift tags by aLoveSupreme
  2. Purse by handmade by me
  3. Serving bowl by Ceramix
  4. Linen shirt by T-Rex Couture
  5. Kiddie coat hanger by ilovebokkie
  6. Thread necklace by Haute & Tidy
  7. Necklace by Honey Song
  8. Tie clip by Eon Hoon Jewellery Design

Pretty neat right? Right!

Check out some more over on our Flamingo Pinterest board.

Posted by Lee on 05 Jun 2014

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