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Albert Einstein once said, look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better. Over the past couple of years, this is what I’ve been doing. My name is Roxanne Joubert, and I am the owner of Lady of the Herbs.

I live in a picturesque town named George. It’s located in the heart of the Garden Route at the foot of the majestic Outeniqua Mountains. I am constantly inspired by the natural beauty of the Garden Route and use this inspiration when making and designing products.

It all started with my passion for nature and the power of herbs. This passion leads me to my core mission which is to HEAL the world using nature.

The start of Lady of the Herbs
As my passion for herbs evolved, I became more hungry for knowledge and decided to study Herbal Medicine. While still studying in 2017 I designed my first herbal product ever, our Herbal Healing Salve, as a Christmas gift for my family and friends.

By the end of January 2018, I had them coming back asking me to please make more, as the salve is working wonderfully. They started sharing it with their friends and family. Soon I had strangers contacting me to buy my healing salve.

One of my favourite stories was an older gentleman who has been struggling with eczema. He had tried everything in a pharmacy, and nothing seemed to cure it until he tried our Herbal Healing Salve. This salve was the first and only thing which cured his eczema.

I passed my studies with distinction in April 2018 and started designing more products while growing the business.

Our beliefs at Lady of the Herbs        
Human beings have been evolving with nature for thousands of years. We've used nature for survival, food, and medicine. Unfortunately, our connection with nature has been replaced with our fast lifestyles, technology, and industrial development.
We believe that our lost connection with nature has a major influence on the health of our society. This is why we aim to bring nature back into our everyday lives!

Why herbs?
Our bodies recognize that herbs are a gift from nature, and respond to them in a natural, healthier way.
Herbs are made up of thousands of chemical compounds known as constituents, each creating their own reaction within the body. These constituents work together to create balance within our bodies. Not only do they promote self-healing but they also strengthen the body to fight and eject illness.

About our products
Our products are designed to help human beings with everyday ailments using herbs that have been utilized by, as well as evolved with mankind for thousands of years.

They are all:

  • Handcrafted with passion, love, and appreciation for nature.
  • Thoughtfully designed with the power of herbs in mind.
  • Made of good quality and natural (organic where possible) ingredients free from any harmful chemicals.
  • Environmentally conscious and packaged in reusable glass packaging.
  • Endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and vegan-friendly.

Business highlights
Every time I hear that our products are helping our customers with their ailments, I do a happy dance! I’ve only received positive feedback and can not be more thankful for the support I’ve received.

For nature
Walk barefoot, go hiking, sit next to a tree and absorb the powers nature has to offer. We are all dependent on our planet and as David Attenborough said: The stability of nature can no longer be taken for granted.

Consider the effects your actions have on nature and learn to give back just as much as you take to create a balance to not only sustain, but evolve with our planet.

Final message
Live a healthy and balanced life. When we are balanced within our bodies and mind we become a “superhero” version of ourselves.

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Posted by Monique on 11 Jun 2019

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