Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Sam

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Sam

"All of the items on my list are simple in their designs, but with a lot of personality. And I appreciate how difficult it is to make something "simple."

That bed is an item of great beauty. Just look at it. And given my propensity to have more things than space, I just love that their underbed storage actually looks beautiful rather than utilitarian.

As for that cat cushion, well, it's a cat. What more reason could one need?

The Civetta Spark bracelet I want so that I can wear it and feel like one of the first-class passengers in the Titanic (but without the deathly ending).

I no longer need to covet the wine rack because I just went ahead and bought one last week. Yay. It is yellow, and fun, and superb quality.

I have a fixation on creative and beautiful bookshelves (I dare you to try and drag me away from http://bookshelfporn.com) and Simpli Decor's shelves are unlike anything I've ever seen. Even on the internets. One day when we move out of our shoebox and have high ceilings and sweeping open spaces I'll fill a wall with them.

Sandy's plates I fell in love with from the moment I first saw them. Just look at them! They're incredible! All of her work is.

I hate walls being wasted with emptiness when they could be filled with beautiful things. Lynsey-Anne's photo is so delicate and lovely, and Lillian Fairall's balloon dog is the cutest, quirkiest thing ever. I must have him."

There you have it! What are your favourites?

Posted by Lee on 28 Aug 2014

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