Hello Man Staff Picks: Scott

Hello Man Staff Picks: Scott

It's our final staff picks day! And to round it all off, our dev genius Scott is at the wheel with all of his favourite things:

"I don't usually shop. But when I do, I do it online. While Hello Pretty primarily has a strong female focus, there's more than enough for selection for any guy with a bit of style (and in my case, without style as well!). My list covers everything that would add a bit of class to my day to day life. For the flat, an amazing bookcase is a must and Hello Pretty / Hello Man is actually full of them, but my personal favourite (love their simple design) are the illusion bookshelves from simpli decor. I'd round that off with a nice wall clock from Louw Roets, a side table, and a lamp.

A bench for the patio to chill on coffee breaks, and the slippers, because the only thing better than no-pants-friday is no-pants-friday with a pair of warm slippers. especially in these wintery months.

Out and about:

Despite being a techie, I still always carry around a pen and a paper notebook, for that I prefer to use moleskins and the moleskin leather cover from Savior Brand takes those notebooks up a notch (as if they needed it). And then a nice, simple belt (probably several) is a must for any guys' wardrobe. You need to have a great selection of cufflinks for anything a bit more formal, and Hello Pretty definitely doesn't fall short on cufflinks. Though I'm not from there, I love the jozi skyline, so Duke and Dutch's cufflinks are perfect."

There you have it folks. Now you have no excuses come Christmas time!

Posted by Lee on 18 Sep 2014

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