Fruit wheels from Cecilia's Farm

As a small and local business who loves other small local businesses, we've build some fulfilling relationships with inspiring people throughout the lifetime of Hello Pretty. One such business is Cecilia's Farm.

Cecilia's is on a farm near Ceres called Koelfontein. They do fruits, nuts and wine and believe that nothing but the best fruit and nuts should go into their products and we can attest to them being true to their word.

A couple of weeks back we tried out a new product they've released, called their fruit wheels. We bought all of the cheese in Cape Town, and a few other treats to have with them, and had our friends over and all stuffed our faces. And obviously wine. Obviously.

They have an online store over here so you can get yourself some of their delicious things. When you place your order, we highly recommend trying a bottle or two of their 2011 Shiraz. It's a beauty. And the nougat is from another talented South African artisan called Ma Mère and we bought ours from Fabricate in the Gardens Centre.

Posted by Sam on 14 May 2016

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