Young Talent

Chris Perron

Industrial designer Chris Perron has been earmarked at the Hello Pretty headquarters as a designer to watch.  Spotted at the Interior Design Show West in Vancouver (IDS West), this talented individual’s beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail quickly grabbed our attention.  I love his use of materials and the strong linear elements.

Not only is he a great designer, but he is also a talented artist - and to make me like (and maybe envy) him even more, is that it seems that he is still studying (well he was still studying in 2012, at least) - I am really excited to see what Chris will produce when he is unleashed upon the design world as a qualified professional, especially if the standard of his student work is this high.

On that note, I am now going to go stare at all of my school design assignments and promise myself to be better.  There may or may not be brownies involved! ;)

Check out more of his work here:

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