Hello Pretty at the Warwick Wine Picnic

Pretties, if you know us, you’ll know we’re no strangers to a good glass of wine. So you can imagine our glee when we were invited to the media picnic day at Warwick wine estate recently.

Over a century old under its current name, the farm itself has been around since the 1700s. It began producing wine in the 1960s, and they haven’t stopped since. These days, Warwick produces a number of truly delicious (and award-winning!) wines. The estate also has a tasting room, and organises picnics that you can enjoy on their gorgeous stretch of lush green lawn by the lake. We were given a fancy-pants picnic basket that we tore into, packed with fresh ciabbata, salads, pesto, charcuterie, cheeses, and individual cheesecakes in little jars that changed. Our. Lives.

We spent the afternoon getting our al fresco on with friends (and we bumped into the ladies from Yellow Papaya - hi gals!), drank more than our fair share of delicious Warwick wines, and found out more about the estate. Personal favourite - the legend of the Warwick Wedding Cup.

We can’t wait to go back - we can’t promise we’ll be any better behaved, though! If you haven’t been yet, I’d suggest you go right now. Good food, good wine - you just need to bring your good friends, and you’re set for a really special day.

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