Ten Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Own

10 items every woman should own

Mags do it, newspapers do it, fashionistas do it, so heck, we're doing it too.

We all know that there's a bunch of things that we should all have in our cupboards. "Go to" items in times of crisis, bad weather and fat days. However, whether or not we actually subscribe to all of the lists of things the glossies of the world are telling us are a sign of growing up is another thing entirely. *shoves Hello Kitty PJ's under pillow*

So, in the hopes of becoming the elegant, put together, groomed woman that I believe I should be, I have rustled up some of the goodies we apparently should all possess. And after this I'm going to track down my hair brush and attempt to learn some fancy stuff about wine and taxes. (Adulthood man. It's pretty tough.)

10 wardrobe staples every woman should own

1. Pearls darling. Be your most grown up self with a pearly something that will stay with you for life, and can be passed down to your future offspring. I'm personally not a "string of pearls" kinda gal, so I would go for a pretty ring or pair of earrings. They feel a little fresher and younger to me, but still classic and elegant.
- Pearl ring by Muchi Galoosh
- Vintage earrings by Civetta Spark

2. A classic trench. Most mags and woman who don't mess toothpaste/gravy/coffee on themselves will tell you to go for a camel or tan coloured trench. They're really beautiful, but it's probably safer to go for one of the other classic colours if you're klutzy - navy or black for me thanks!
- Winter Coat by Lo

3. Statement sunnies. Guys. I love you. But those free oversized sunglasses you got for in the December issue of your favourite magazine two years ago is just not a thing. As a GIGANTICALLY blind, light sensitive human, I place a lot of value of stuff that takes care of your peepers. And looks hawt. Naturally.
- "The Hill" sunglasses by Kraft Eyewear

4. A Little Black Dress. Obvs. You've had a fat day, your heart has been broken by some jerk, or you have a hot date - nothing will lift your spirits and self esteem like an LBD. Thousands, nay, surely millions of woman, fashion editors and stylists can't be wrong. We all need THAT dress that you can fling on and feel like an instant glamazon.
- Nirvana Dress by Mareth Colleen

5. A crisp white button down shirt. Dress it up with heels and sparkly thangs, dress it down with jeans and flats, look every inch the lady any which way.
- Audrey Shirt by Georgie.B

10 wardrobe staples every woman should own

6. A dressy jacket or blazer. Nothing makes you look more tailored than a good blazer. Much like the white button down, it can be flung over jeans or over some other super smart ensemble to make you feel like a powerhouse with the world at your feet. Hectic meeting or nervy interview that day? Fling on your blazer and Get Stuff Done.
- Cocktail jacket by Silver Spoon

7. Ballet flats. Look, we all want to be able to mince around in a pair of killer heels like your local Tina Turner impersonating drag queen. (For realsies ladies - How do you do it? Teach me!) However, for some of us, that is just not going to happen. Have a pair a killer heels stashed for special occassions, but if it's not one of your many talents, rather forgo looking like a pained giraffe and call it a day with some sophisticated pumps.
- Classic Ballet Pumps by Bohème Atelier

8. A clutch. Almost all of us are guilty of lugging half our lives and the neighbours dog around in ovesized bags. But how many of you actually own a clutch? I didn't, until a very fab friend bought me a lovely little guy and said, "Clutches are perfect gifts. Every woman needs one but none of them will buy it for themselves." So grab a fancy tiny bag for yourself or a girlfriend - you never know when Ryan Gosling/Reynolds/Kwanten/Phillippe will stumble into your life and need you to hit the red carpet with him RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Be prepared gurl.
- Hand made leather clutch by Thabo Makhetha

9. Grown up jammies. Your ex ex ex boyfriends boxers and a free oversized tshirt that you got from that 5k race your girlfriends dragged you to one time does NOT count as pyjamas anymore. You may not be entirely together quite yet, but you're not a student who smells like box wine and yesterday's laundry anymore either. Get something pretty that you can answer the door in.
- Stone sleepwear set by Anna-Louise Sleepwear

10 wardrobe staples every woman should own

And last but not least;

10. Respectable luggage. One piece of luggage that gets missed so easily is a decent overnight bag. I've had to up and leave unexpectedly to help a girlfriend through a break up, for a family emergency or to crash at someones apartment because we're planning to go full wino that night (drunk driving is not cool y'all. Make the unofficial number eleven on this list a couple of cab company phone numbers programmed into your phone). Feel fabulous when you arrive at your desination with luggage that looks as together as you do. Even if you're a mess, you won't look it!
- Large weekend bag by Thandana Bag Co
- Leather Deluxe Tote by Savior Brand Co
- The Casablanca by Chartermade
- Signature Travel Bag by Colony Design
- Small leather duffel bag by Dark Horse

So Pretties, not so tough right? Go forth and be your phenomenal selves!

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