Pantone suitcases for you to lust after

My wanderlust has been going into overdrive recently, and I’ve been pinning to our travel board like mad - the only thing that makes me sadder than ticket prices and my bank balance though, is the state of my luggage.  Sad looking, wobbly wheels, broken handles and worn edges don’t exactly communicate design lover, you know?

Enter Pantone!  I want aaaall of their goodies, but for the mission at hand, my lust for pretty suitcases has been well and truly activated.  Hello Pantone Carry Case!  This 29 litre awesome-filled capacity has shot to the top of my wish list.  You have fifteen colours to choose from, and can get one of your own at the Nano Universe Online Shop for ¥16 800

I’ll take it in pink, thanks.  Or turquoise.  Or yellow.

*first spotted over here.

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