Happy Spring 2020 from Hello Pretty 🌻

For us, spring is blossoms, flowers & greenery, vibrance in fashion and decor, and explosions of colour everywhere. So this week, we've got a bit of that for you. We love these locally-made items and we hope you do too. 

Remember, any of these items you purchase are coming directly from the hands of the people who make them. There's no better way to #supportsmall and #lovezabuyza.

Enjoy! 🌷

Here's three pairs of earrings from Heuningblom's Spring range. We love them all! You'll definitely want to go browse her shop because she has piles of beauties at very affordable prices.

LeftSpring Dangle Earrings 09 - R100.
MiddleSpring Dangle Earrings 05 - R110.
RightSpring Dangle Earrings 16 - R100.

LeftMonstera Leaf Wall Printable. SALE! R70 (was R100).
Made by Papaya Paradise.

Top rightBotanical Fynbos Face Mask. R95.
Made by CoralBloom.

Bottom rightHalf Round Spring Colours Pendant. R450.
Made by dor&kie jewellery objects.


Top LeftEthereal Botanicals Print (A1). R1 300.
Made by Sonny Mo Arts.

Bottom LeftPeach & Maroon Flower Crown. SALE!! R199 (was R299).
Made by Black Eyed Susan.

RightSpring Blossom Towel. SALE! R450 (was R480).
Made by Design Butter.


Left: .Flower Power EarringsSALE! R550 (was R650).
2-in-1 beauties: wear them like in the picture or slip off the flowers and wear them as hoops. Made by La Mae.

RightBotanical Africa Necklace. R500.
A collaboration range between Jessica Jane Jewellery and Hallo Jane.

The Last Resort

Are you guys still spinning as much from the Christmas shopping carnage as we are? Besides the obvious need to get gifts for our loved ones (and the office Secret Santa), let's all be honest with ourselves here: we all like to sneak in a little "Treat Yo'. Self" gift here and there. Because we deserve it.

We love attending pop-ups and markets, and discovering new designers and hanging out with the ones we know. Last year, Joanna Hedley, the designer & entrepreneur behind a luxury swimwear brand called BeachCult put on a designer showcase & pop-up before the Christmas season and we found loads of talent we hadn't known about.

There was art, fashion, swimwear, jewellery, accessories... a little bit of everything. It was a gorgeous curation of designers and a product range that would almost certainly make your heart skip. I really should have taken that gorgeous Kerbholz watch home with me.

Go on and check out this talent. The designers represented were: BeachCult, Granadilla, Taibo Bacar, Michael Maven, Twins for Peace, Lisp, Ross & Brown, Ayagoods, Summah, Soul Design Jewellery, Yellow Jewellery, Khukutsi, Bagmee, Iloni Jewellery, SMITH Jewellery, Gabriela Fraser, Le Short, Diva Jeans, 35 Degrees, Kerbholz Watches, Wholistic Bodycare, and MASH Boutique.

Here's some pop-up eye candy for you:

The event was hosted at 91 Loop Hotel and The Honey Badger Restaurant (which is a really cute little spot - if you're in Cape Town, pop in).

Indulge this Summer season with these Cecilia's Farm products!

Indulge this Summer season with these Cecilia's Farm products!

We just love the folk's over at Cecilia's Farm, and we love delicious food, so it was only to be expected that we would become friendly. 

This 7th generation fruit farm grows a long list of different fruit here including cling peaches, apricots, nectarines, prunes, plums, various types of pears and apples, and even some grapes. They also make some DELICIOUS fruit and nut products - many of which we have had the privilege of tasting.

We were extra excited to hear about their new Honey Nut Drizzles, just in time for summer, Christmas, the weekend - any time to eat really.

Indulge this Summer season with these Cecilia's Farm products!

"Just in time for Summer, Cecilia's Farm have sourced the best local, badger-friendly honey and added to it a carefully chosen mix of chopped dried fruits and nuts, adding a whole new dimension of crunchy and chewy texture and delicious flavours to the honey.  Serve and enjoy as you would use plain honey. It is especially delicious drizzled over a soft camembert, hot flapjacks or as a filling for pancakes! Add whipped cream for the ultimate decadence! Honey Nut Drizzles are available in Fig & Peach or Apricot & Cranberry at R42,50/jar from the Cecilia’s Farm online Store or the Cecilia's Farm shop in Ceres."

Indulge this Summer season with these Cecilia's Farm products!
Indulge this Summer season with these Cecilia's Farm products!

Be sure to follow Cecilia's Farm on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Summer with Poetry.

Poetry in Bloom!

Hello pretties! I recently attended the Poetry stores SS16 collection preview at the beautiful CAAM gallery. The collection of homeware and clothes were displayed over the three levels of the building, with each level showcasing a different look from the collection.

Wonki Ware wall installation.
Tangerine is a big colour for SS16.

This collection caters to the lifestyle of the Poetry customer with the capsule consisting of work, lifestyle and evening wear. What makes this collection so great is that each garment can be crosspolinated, making it so much more versatile for all those busy summer events.  

Nautical colours for day or night.

All the fabrics looked and felt so luxurious. Some of my favourite colours were seen in this collection and I am so excited about that! Tangerine and olive green stood out for me, with whites and greys dominating the evening wear range.

The shoe collection is stuning, ranging from simple summer sandals with delicate leather straps to beautiful beige espadrilles.   

Summer sandals!
Evening wear.

You are definitely in for a treat this summer with this beautiful collection. I most certainly am excited and cannot wait to see more of the range in store.  

Poetry in Bloom.
Yummy treats!

Images - Nena Butler

Beat the heat with Hello Pretty!

Beat the heat with Hello Pretty!

Hello Pretty is getting Pretty Fit

So Pretties, I spend a lot of time trawling our site each day. A LOT. (Someone has to keep the world informed about our awesome stuff, you know? *winks*) I’ve noticed that we’ve had an influx of really gorgeous bikinis. And when I say gorgeous, I mean really really gorgeous.

Cue the arrival of a whole bunch of cool stuff from Crosse & Blackwell. We’re a team of (mostly) girls who spend a fair amount of time staring at our computer screens, so getting mobilised is something of a challenge. A challenge that Crosse & Blackwell has accepted!

So the deal is this: Lisa Raleigh, who is a fitness expert (that’s right) is going to help all of us that want to shake off a few kilos in 2014. You know. Actually do that thing that’s on all our New Years resolutions lists year after year. There will be free “Trim Outs”, “Trim Meals” and advice on offer. Yep. For Free. In fact, other than a hot new bod (and a hot new bikini, hint hint), you could actually walk away with cash in your pocket in the form of a R50 000 grand prize, as well as a whole heap of other cool spot prizes. (Heck, if 50K isn’t a gigantic carrot at the end of your fitness stick, I don’t know what is!)

You can register over here to take part. The challenge starts on the 1st of February. See you ladies on the beach!

Bikini #1 Navy Vintage by Gabrielle Swimwear
Bikini #2 Bikini Set with Back Detail by Loyde Villarroel Lingerie and Swimwear
Challenge Accepted image from here
Bikini #3 Twist Bandeau in Sunshine by Scarlett Swimwear

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