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Win two items of your choice from Hallo Jane - CLOSED

It's been a while, but finally it's GIVEAWAY TIME! We love these giveaways just as much as you do.

This week, enter to win any two items of your choice - one for you, one for your best friend - from Hallo Jane. Say what!

Her stuff is super cute, made-in-South-Africa bamboo jewellery and homeware, and you should know that it's one of Hello Pretty's top sellers.

To enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us which two items you'd like to win from the Hallo Jane store. NB: Tag the person who you'd share your prize with.
  2. Like Hallo Jane on Facebook
  3. Get an extra entry by tweeting @HelloPrettySA with the hashtag #ilovehallojane telling us what your two favourite products from her store are, and leaving an extra comment below.

Here are a couple of customer favourites to whet your appetite:

This giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere. Entries close at 10am on Friday 13th of November (this Friday). Hello Pretty's standard competition Ts and Cs apply. Only one entry per channel will be counted.

Spooks and spiders

This week we've embraced the halloween spirit in our weekly mailer, Pretty Cool. As you can see from our little sampling, we actually have a decent selecion of snakes, spooks and spiders for you to enjoy (or be disturbed by - to each their own). We even finished it off with a halloween version of our logo, the Hello(ween) Pretty.

You should get in on the action using the signup form below. Sometimes there are surprise giveaways and freebies. Just last week we gave R50 to all of our subscribers. Pretty rad, imo - there is such thing as a free lunch, as it turns out.

Here's a snapshot of some of the things in this week's edition. Sign up down at the bottom of this page so you can get these curated, hand-picked favourites from the Hello Pretty team each week.

A little something for you this week

You like? Because we do.

Every week we pick a selection of things that we think you'll love, and send them out in Pretty Cool, our weekly mailer.

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Leading up to festive season we'll be featuring a lot of promotions and sales, and products grouped by price so that you can easily find what you're looking for, whether it's a secret santa gift, or something special for your fiancé.

Below is a taste of some things that were featured in last week's newsletter showcasing stuff that's on sale, and the picture beneath is a selection from this week's newsletter, Florals & Botanicals.


Consol Glass Treats and Craft Ideas

I believe it's important to be consistent. And since I'm late with pretty much everything I ever do in life (which I'm not proud of, but am honest about), I felt it was only proper to wait 11 months to publish this blog post. It is about the day that Ads and I visited the Consol Glass shop in Woodmead, Johannesburg.

It was A Big Adventure in July 2014 when Ads visited with me and my parents in Joburg. As a Jozi native, I took it upon myself to make sure that in between bumming around the house in our pyjamas and playing with the cat, she got to see a good selection of the best (or maybe just my favourite?) things that the city has to offer.

A Hello Pretty work day

Enter Consol.

The day I discovered the Consol Glass outlet, everything changed. I've never liked plastic for food (it smells funny. Why does it smell funny?). My heart rate went up when I stepped into that shop. The ceilings were as high as the sky, and they were stacked floor to ceiling with glass treasures, flirting with me to take them home and keep things in them. Or just keep.

The first time I visited Consol in Woodmead was in 2011. I went to buy a LOT of tiny bottles to use as salt shakers at one of my best friends' wedding. I'll cut to the chase and say that I left with a lot more than salt shaker bottles.

Recently my sister and her boyfriend visited and we paid the shop in Stellenbosch a visit. It did not disappoint, and after about half an hour in the shop (pro tip: leave your boyfriend at home) a great assortment of glassware was again hauled out and loaded into my boot, next to the R400 worth of cheese that we'd bought from the Simonsberg factory shop a block away (we are pigs and we're ok with that when it comes to cheese).

About a week later, through some kind of weird coincidence, a beautiful parcel tied up in navy blue grosgrain ribbon arrived at my home. It was a parcel from Consol, announcing the launch of that same store that I'd just visited! This both weirded me out and excited me. Inside it was a reusable glass Consol jar, with a selection of "ideas" cards inside it with suggestions for some creative uses for your Consol jars.
I've turned these into a PDF so that you can download and use them.

As a bit of a well-intentioned pleb in the kitchen, I'm sharing them here and hoping that you'll make these things and send us pictures ( I'm likely to be impressed even if you nailed it).

If you want to visit the new Cape Town Consol store, I can highly recommend it (and you can stop at the Simonsberg factory shop on the way home). You can find it at:
      Rand Road,
      Phone 021 888 4000

And now if you'll excuse me I am going to go decant everything into glass.

What else do you use your Consol jars for? I'd love to profile some other creative uses.

Sell for *FREE* on Facebook with Hello Pretty

Alright!! We have an awesome new thing and you're going to love it.

We've always believed you should have your own branding on your Hello Pretty store. You're all awesome and everyone should know it.

Pretty Portable takes this one step further.
Now you can sell through your Facebook page, and embed your store into your website, and it's as easy as putting a YouTube video on your blog. Fancy! Can you say, spreading your empire!

It will pull your products into Facebook and your site without any branding other than a small Hello Pretty logo in the footer.

With Hello Pretty, Hello Man, Pretty Portable for websites and Pretty Portable for Facebook, you get four online stores of your own.
And, since you're probably wondering,

Set it up before the end of March and we'll give you a R50 gift voucher.



Here's how to use it:

1. Visit your store page
Click on the Embed your store link in your store's grey Manage dropdown.
Facebook store example

2. Facebook
Make sure you're logged in on Facebook as yourself, not your page. Then visit your store's embed page, and click the Add Facebook Page Tab button in the right column.
Website store embed example
And you're done! Make some noise about your store on Twitter or Facebook, and tag Hello Pretty so that we can get in on the action.


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