Hello Pretty at the Smeg WDC2014 Event

We were recently invited to paint the town yellow with Smeg and WDC2014, and since we've been all about the #dailyyellow this year, we obviously couldn't say no. With the dress code requiring a touch of yellow, and the invite hinting at a special unveiling done by Smeg CEO Vittorio Bertazzoni, we were all kinds of excited when we made our way to the brand new Smeg showroom on Strand Street.

The Italians know how to do things in style, and this evening was no exception. Prosecco and beautiful people were in abundant supply - as were some extremely liberal interpretations of the dress code!

But if we're honest, the highlight of the evening was the ENORMOUS wheel of Parmesan made for and at the Smeg family farm. This meant two things: Amazing truffle risotto made and served inside the wheel of cheese; and that I have a new life ambition (have my own Parmesan that's made on my farm in Italy).

And there it is! The limited edition WDC yello Smeg Fiat. With a belly full of Peroni, naturally. Here's the official video from the evening which includes some of the speeches made (and bonus cameos by two of Team HP).

This picture of Scott going to town on the frozen yoghurt and macarons pretty much sums up the evening perfectly: Great food, great company, great design. Many thanks to Smeg and WDC2014! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to start looking for my Italian farm. My Parmesan's not going to make itself.

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