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Pretties, we have an amazing job.  We get to deal with some of the most talented people that this country has to offer. In the wake of Heritage Day, I have to say that we are just so darn proud of them, and of South African design in general.  It’s an exciting position to be in.

One brand that needs attention paid to it, is undoubtedly Silver Spoon.  This husband and wife team have been in the game for a while and have been invaluable mentors to us.

The interwebs would have you know that Stephanie has been awarded Best Technical Design Award for her range “Little Obsessions and Childhood Recollections”. First Prize for a Couture outfit was also handed to her and she received a R10 000 bursary. Dieter was chosen as one of South Africa’s Best Young Male Designers by Mohair South Africa; an outfit he designed for them was shown on ramp at SA’s fashion week in Johannesburg in 2005.  Can you spell Dream Team?

Not only are they brilliant and massively qualified - they are extremely generous with their time, knowledge and experience, and even equipment  - they actively champion young industry people and help where ever they can.

It was with great pride that I spent Braai Day in one of their dresses - it was just the prettiest, flowiest dress, and I felt great in it - Stephanie knows how to make a lady feel good about herself!

They are having a phenomenal sale on their Hello Pretty store page.  After proudly representing them and others at the SAFW Pop Up Shop  we can vouch for the quality of the clothing - ladies, the PU pencil skirt.  It’s like a Wonderbra for your behind - I’ve never quite seen anything like it!

Go on.  You totally deserve it.

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