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Calling all the Single Ladies! (Closed)

Valentine’s Day. Enough said, right? Smug couples being all smug-coupley up in your face, all the time, everywhere. But wait! Press pause on your Glee marathon and put away your knitting needles, because if you’re a single lady, you could win yourself these earrings from Duke & Dutch.

These babies are modelled after the agapanthus flower, which is indigenous to South Africa, and are solid silver. They’re looking for a loving home, and who’s to say it can’t be with you?

There’s one catch: You can’t enter. Aaawkwaaard. But, your friends can enter for you!

Nominate your single friend by tagging her in a comment on this post on our Facebook page. Nominate as many single friends as you like, each in their own comment.
You can also nominate a friend by tagging her and us ( on Twitter.

So go on - share! :D

Hello Pretty’s standard competition terms and conditions apply.

A Very Pretty Blogger Secret Santa

So we like getting presents.  Our whole job is proof of that. (Plus buying online and having your stuff arrive all packaged up is kind of like mini me-to-me prezzies)

So we eagerly jumped on the #bloggersecretsanta bandwagon, organised by Kelly of Sunflowers and Spears, and I am SO glad we did.

When our package arrived, I squealed like a lunatic in the Post Office - which is fine because it was a Christmas rush kind of day, and everyone in there was feeling kind of crazy anyway - and stormed out, fighting the urge to rip it open in my car while I was still in the parking lot.

Over and above the excitement of receiving a Secret Santa gift, there was also the added excitement over that fact that it had come all the way from South Korea. I mean. How cool?

Roxy Hutton of citygirlsearching was our Santa, and boy did she hit the nail on the head.  Aaaalll of the cute pink cat stationery in the world seemed to spill from that envelope.  Every single detail was given thought and a great deal of love, and as a result it took over half an hour to unwrap (I had to take photos of everything to show you all, otherwise there’s no proof it actually happened.  You know, like yesterday’s latte art or this morning’s Eggs Benedict.)

Many thanks Roxy - you are a gift giving genius and I am in love with everything you sent and the considerable effort you put in. *hug*

Ohohohoh!  Also, if you love this stuff, Roxy is now SELLING it!  You can now also be the owner of pastel cat stationery from South Korea! Check it out over here.

Silver Spoon Clothing on SALE

Pretties, we have an amazing job.  We get to deal with some of the most talented people that this country has to offer. In the wake of Heritage Day, I have to say that we are just so darn proud of them, and of South African design in general.  It’s an exciting position to be in.

One brand that needs attention paid to it, is undoubtedly Silver Spoon.  This husband and wife team have been in the game for a while and have been invaluable mentors to us.

The interwebs would have you know that Stephanie has been awarded Best Technical Design Award for her range “Little Obsessions and Childhood Recollections”. First Prize for a Couture outfit was also handed to her and she received a R10 000 bursary. Dieter was chosen as one of South Africa’s Best Young Male Designers by Mohair South Africa; an outfit he designed for them was shown on ramp at SA’s fashion week in Johannesburg in 2005.  Can you spell Dream Team?

Not only are they brilliant and massively qualified - they are extremely generous with their time, knowledge and experience, and even equipment  - they actively champion young industry people and help where ever they can.

It was with great pride that I spent Braai Day in one of their dresses - it was just the prettiest, flowiest dress, and I felt great in it - Stephanie knows how to make a lady feel good about herself!

They are having a phenomenal sale on their Hello Pretty store page.  After proudly representing them and others at the SAFW Pop Up Shop  we can vouch for the quality of the clothing - ladies, the PU pencil skirt.  It’s like a Wonderbra for your behind - I’ve never quite seen anything like it!

Go on.  You totally deserve it.

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New range from Unwrapped Design

This blog post is late late late. I wrote it lost year, had it on my computer ready to publish, and then spilt tea on my laptop and rendered it useless. And a few weeks back, I got back all my stuff! Happy days. So anyway: this stuff isn’t as new as the rest of the post suggests, but imagine you’re reading it last year sometime if you will :) 

Some new kids on the Unwrapped block, guys! Until a few feeks back, Unwrapped (a popular range that has been on Hello Pretty since just about Day One) sold beautiful printed scatter cushions and tea towels.

And now, they have released something new: intricate, fairytale-like scenes in wall-mounted lights. It’s fantastic to see the range branching outwards in this way, and the little scenes in the lights are so sweet. Mandi Garbman, who is the designer behind Unwrapped, says that her love of early 1900’s Eastern European folk art and tapestries was her source of inspiration for these.

At the same time she’s brought out a new range of geometric and floral scatter cushions.
You can buy all of this online on Hello Pretty (

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