Pretty Flamingo

Flamingos on Hello Pretty

We just lurve the current flamingo trend - yes, we're those people who would totally buy those plastic lawn flamingos. Why? Because they're awesome of course.

So what better way to express our love than by showing you all where to get the best flamingo themed products on the site?

We know, we're pretty great like that.

  1. Wrapping paper and gift tags by aLoveSupreme
  2. Purse by handmade by me
  3. Serving bowl by Ceramix
  4. Linen shirt by T-Rex Couture
  5. Kiddie coat hanger by ilovebokkie
  6. Thread necklace by Haute & Tidy
  7. Necklace by Honey Song
  8. Tie clip by Eon Hoon Jewellery Design

Pretty neat right? Right!

Check out some more over on our Flamingo Pinterest board.

Prints of Wes Anderson by Laura Weiszer

Yes…  a million times yes!  I have a special place in my lounge earmarked for these Wes Anderson prints by Laura Weiszer.

What makes them that much more impressive is that they are painted in acrylics - guys, painting in acrylic is HARD.  It’s like a constant war on time.  The race to do what you need to do before it dries actually makes me anxious.

No space for prints, or your mom isn’t interested in your ambition to redecorate the house with your obvious good taste?  That’s fine, you can cover yourself, your bags, lampshades and dogs collar with her Wes Anderson buttons.

This illustrator, designer and student is based in Philadelphia, and her prints are available from her etsy store.

*first spotted here.

Open Studios Sessions at Artist Proof Studio

Oddly enough, we’ve had a fair few designers ask whether we knew of a good place in Johannesburg to do professional printing. We didn’t, but we’ve asked around and chatted with a few of the right kinds of people and feel that we can now quite confidently recommend that you talk to Artist Proof Studio, who are based in Newtown.

From the Artist Proof Studio bio on Facebook:

Artist Proof Studio is a quality Art Education Centre that specialises in printmaking through a variety of diverse partnerships with creative young artists, established professional artists, community groups, patrons and funders.
Every Friday from 9am to 4pm they have their Open Studio sessions. It costs R120.00 per session and that includes inks, solvents, studio space and the assistance of one of their printers. You must have basic print knowledge and have used the press before. There will be a maximum of 6 people per session.

You’ll need to buy your own plates and paper, which you can buy from Artist Proof Studio themselves (let them know by the Tuesday before you attend what you’ll need for your Friday session).

Here are the contact details for Artist Proof Studio:
      +27 (11) 492-1278
      address: The Bus Factory, 3 President Street, Newtown, Johannesburg
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