Paper Art

Jen Stark Art

Oh my quivering greatness.

I have a small obsession with paper art.ย  I think it is so beautiful, and is such a versatile material.ย  Would I be able to do it?ย  Nope.ย  Iโ€™m a clumsy oaf that will dirty, crumple, sit on and tear anything that even smells this delicate.

Jen Stark is a master of her craft - her meticulous craftsmanship and her apparent endless patience allows beautiful items like these to find a place in the world.ย very aptly describes her work as โ€œan amusement park for the eyes.โ€ย  Apparently โ€œthe recurring geometric patterns in each piece reflect many elements of life, including the passage and intervallic rhythm of time.โ€ย  I canโ€™t quite get that far - I just keep staring at it all, trying to absorb the awesomeness.

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