The heArt of origami


The art of Origami is something that has always mesmerized me. I am amazed at the results that can come about from folding up a square piece of paper. After finding this article on Cruizine I was inspired to get folding and attempt the art of origami for myself.  

Seahorse / Cá ngựa by Hoàng Tiến Quyết

Some background info about this art form...
"Origami appeared in 17th century and was soon popularized throughout the world as one of the traditional forms of the Japanese art. 

Origami is a vivid example of the tight interconnection, which exists between pure art and precise science, as it requires clear understanding of the space, symmetry, and geometric patterns. It is also a true example of wit and inventiveness of humans." 

Crayfish by Sipho Mabona
May the Autofocus be with you by straightfromthecask

My attempt - or rather my many attempts were nowhere close to the art works shown above. This seemingly simple art form has a very calcualted technique to it.

I eventually relaxed into the process of folding and found myself in a trance like state - totally removed from the hustle and bustle of life. This art form is really theraputic once you get the hang of it and I can definitely recommend it for those moments where you need a bit of an escape. Just get a few pieces of paper together, Google some simple shapes and get folding! 

Toshikazu Kawasaki Origami Swan by Himanshu Agrawal

The swan is definietly next on my list, but for now I'll stick to my simple heart shape while I've mastered it. ;) I think it also makes for a great gift or even a bookmark. It will look much nicer with colourful paper, but while practicing I suggest you use exam pad.

This is the site that I used to practise my origami making - they have great ideas on here to try out.

The Heart of Origami
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