Hello Pretty shines a light on awesome lights!

New range from Unwrapped Design

This blog post is late late late. I wrote it lost year, had it on my computer ready to publish, and then spilt tea on my laptop and rendered it useless. And a few weeks back, I got back all my stuff! Happy days. So anyway: this stuff isn’t as new as the rest of the post suggests, but imagine you’re reading it last year sometime if you will :) 

Some new kids on the Unwrapped block, guys! Until a few feeks back, Unwrapped (a popular range that has been on Hello Pretty since just about Day One) sold beautiful printed scatter cushions and tea towels.

And now, they have released something new: intricate, fairytale-like scenes in wall-mounted lights. It’s fantastic to see the range branching outwards in this way, and the little scenes in the lights are so sweet. Mandi Garbman, who is the designer behind Unwrapped, says that her love of early 1900’s Eastern European folk art and tapestries was her source of inspiration for these.

At the same time she’s brought out a new range of geometric and floral scatter cushions.
You can buy all of this online on Hello Pretty (

Tree Ring Lights by Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs.

I have fallen head over heels for these Tree Ring Lights by Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs.  They look like they came straight out of a fairy tale, and I’m a sucker for a fairy tale.

According to, the lights are made out of a beetle pine shell topped with mirrored Plexiglas that allows the embedded cool fluorescent light to shine through in the dark. Sturdy enough to be used as a stool or a table, the Tree Ring Lights look perfect for midnight picnics.

They were debuted in the Summer Lights show at the duthie gallery in Canada.

Now to find go find the perfect spot for them in my garden.

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