Winner of the tjou-tjou letterpress print

Two weeks ago we announced a giveaway that anyone subscribed to our newsletter would automatically be entered into.

The prize was a limited edition A5 letterpress print from a personally beloved designer of ours called tjou-tjou.

We have just drawn a winner - lucky number 403 - and I'm really excited about her name popping up, because she's been subscribed to our newsletter and supporting us since June last year.

Thanks for the support, Kerry! This print is really beautiful and we hope you love it.

We'll be doing more of these giveaways for our newsletter subscribers, so spread the word.

Next we will be announcing a little something something from Studio Number 19 that you are sure to love.

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"This Many"

What a great idea - designer Sarah Hollowood’s “This Many” card from the Wieden + Kennedy Studio store (seriously, W+K, we heart you so much) lets you colour in the relevant number of candles, so the prospective birthday boy or girl gets a super cute card that’s also personalised.

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