Kirstenbosch Treetop Canopy Walk

Feeling sunshine on my bare shoulders has become a bit of a drug (wearing sunscreen, obvs. I don't go full addict), so in pursuit of my next after-winter hit of spring, I headed out to the much talked about treetop canopy walk at the Kirstenbosch gardens.

Cape Town played along, gifting me with the sunshiney-est day ever. It was the most beautiful weather (spaghetti strap shirts ENGAGE).

So FYI, it sways. A lot. Rumour has it it's supposed to, but just be warned. Once I'd gotten my sea legs I felt so privileged to be surrounded by so much beauty. We live in an incredible country you guys. We don't lack for amazing and varied scenery.

My only complaint is that the walkway itself is a bit short. Luckily we were spoilt for choice in the gardens, lazing around and dodging canoodling couples. It was a pretty fantastic way to celebrate the end of winter.

Ugh. Disgusting. You shouldn't go.

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