Stay golden!

One trend that's been on the go for a while now, and one that we cannot get enough of, is a bit a gold slung around a gal's waist. Well, gold anything really, but what better way to revel in something gorgeous than to drape it around yourself?

Stay golden with Hello Pretty!

Gorgeous no? And what's better is that I know how you can get this look!

Not just any old gold belt mind - a hand cut brass beauty straight from the studio of SMITH Jewellery in Cape Town.

Gold belts from


I was lucky enough to have access to one of the cuffs at last years SAFW Pop Up, and at the end of the media launch I was genuinely heartbroken to have to take it off (We all took it upon ourselves to model some of the fab work of our sellers for the cameras - I can't think of a better excuse to dolly up). The craftmanship is absolutely gorgeous!

Gold belts from

Thank you to Sarah from The Angelheaded Hipster and Lara from A Fashion Friend for the SAFW Pop Up pics!

Swoon over it some more on Pardon Our French (they're very fancy over there).

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Baby, it's cold outside...

Winter has well and truly arrived, pretties. And what better excuse for a gorgeous snowflake necklace with a cheeky little diamond? You can get  yours from Emma Anne Jewellery right here. Wear it while cuddling up with a mug of hot chocolate and listening to this classic winter-themed duet.

We featured this necklace in our newsletter this week, along with a curated collection of other great winter-inspired goodies. If you'd like to be kept in the loop, sign up now!

On a cloudy day...

Our Bow Peep Studio Visit

Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -

Recently two of Team Hello Pretty set up camp at the sparkly new Bow Peep studio for a day - we were able to peek behind the curtain, and catch a glimpse of where and how the magic happens:

Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -

We were greeted by a rainbow world of beautiful patterns and toasted cheese sammiches - it's always so amazing to see the work that goes into the amazing products that we're lucky enough to be exposed to. It's something really special.

And naturally we both walked out with newly purchased goodies!

Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -

Many thanks to Leila for welcoming us with open arms - it was such a fun day.

To treat yourself to some Bow Peep treats, pop over to the Bow Peep Hello Pretty store right over here:

Ten Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Own

10 items every woman should own

Mags do it, newspapers do it, fashionistas do it, so heck, we're doing it too.

We all know that there's a bunch of things that we should all have in our cupboards. "Go to" items in times of crisis, bad weather and fat days. However, whether or not we actually subscribe to all of the lists of things the glossies of the world are telling us are a sign of growing up is another thing entirely. *shoves Hello Kitty PJ's under pillow*

So, in the hopes of becoming the elegant, put together, groomed woman that I believe I should be, I have rustled up some of the goodies we apparently should all possess. And after this I'm going to track down my hair brush and attempt to learn some fancy stuff about wine and taxes. (Adulthood man. It's pretty tough.)

10 wardrobe staples every woman should own

1. Pearls darling. Be your most grown up self with a pearly something that will stay with you for life, and can be passed down to your future offspring. I'm personally not a "string of pearls" kinda gal, so I would go for a pretty ring or pair of earrings. They feel a little fresher and younger to me, but still classic and elegant.
- Pearl ring by Muchi Galoosh
- Vintage earrings by Civetta Spark

2. A classic trench. Most mags and woman who don't mess toothpaste/gravy/coffee on themselves will tell you to go for a camel or tan coloured trench. They're really beautiful, but it's probably safer to go for one of the other classic colours if you're klutzy - navy or black for me thanks!
- Winter Coat by Lo

3. Statement sunnies. Guys. I love you. But those free oversized sunglasses you got for in the December issue of your favourite magazine two years ago is just not a thing. As a GIGANTICALLY blind, light sensitive human, I place a lot of value of stuff that takes care of your peepers. And looks hawt. Naturally.
- "The Hill" sunglasses by Kraft Eyewear

4. A Little Black Dress. Obvs. You've had a fat day, your heart has been broken by some jerk, or you have a hot date - nothing will lift your spirits and self esteem like an LBD. Thousands, nay, surely millions of woman, fashion editors and stylists can't be wrong. We all need THAT dress that you can fling on and feel like an instant glamazon.
- Nirvana Dress by Mareth Colleen

5. A crisp white button down shirt. Dress it up with heels and sparkly thangs, dress it down with jeans and flats, look every inch the lady any which way.
- Audrey Shirt by Georgie.B

10 wardrobe staples every woman should own

6. A dressy jacket or blazer. Nothing makes you look more tailored than a good blazer. Much like the white button down, it can be flung over jeans or over some other super smart ensemble to make you feel like a powerhouse with the world at your feet. Hectic meeting or nervy interview that day? Fling on your blazer and Get Stuff Done.
- Cocktail jacket by Silver Spoon

7. Ballet flats. Look, we all want to be able to mince around in a pair of killer heels like your local Tina Turner impersonating drag queen. (For realsies ladies - How do you do it? Teach me!) However, for some of us, that is just not going to happen. Have a pair a killer heels stashed for special occassions, but if it's not one of your many talents, rather forgo looking like a pained giraffe and call it a day with some sophisticated pumps.
- Classic Ballet Pumps by Bohème Atelier

8. A clutch. Almost all of us are guilty of lugging half our lives and the neighbours dog around in ovesized bags. But how many of you actually own a clutch? I didn't, until a very fab friend bought me a lovely little guy and said, "Clutches are perfect gifts. Every woman needs one but none of them will buy it for themselves." So grab a fancy tiny bag for yourself or a girlfriend - you never know when Ryan Gosling/Reynolds/Kwanten/Phillippe will stumble into your life and need you to hit the red carpet with him RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Be prepared gurl.
- Hand made leather clutch by Thabo Makhetha

9. Grown up jammies. Your ex ex ex boyfriends boxers and a free oversized tshirt that you got from that 5k race your girlfriends dragged you to one time does NOT count as pyjamas anymore. You may not be entirely together quite yet, but you're not a student who smells like box wine and yesterday's laundry anymore either. Get something pretty that you can answer the door in.
- Stone sleepwear set by Anna-Louise Sleepwear

10 wardrobe staples every woman should own

And last but not least;

10. Respectable luggage. One piece of luggage that gets missed so easily is a decent overnight bag. I've had to up and leave unexpectedly to help a girlfriend through a break up, for a family emergency or to crash at someones apartment because we're planning to go full wino that night (drunk driving is not cool y'all. Make the unofficial number eleven on this list a couple of cab company phone numbers programmed into your phone). Feel fabulous when you arrive at your desination with luggage that looks as together as you do. Even if you're a mess, you won't look it!
- Large weekend bag by Thandana Bag Co
- Leather Deluxe Tote by Savior Brand Co
- The Casablanca by Chartermade
- Signature Travel Bag by Colony Design
- Small leather duffel bag by Dark Horse

So Pretties, not so tough right? Go forth and be your phenomenal selves!

Win with Hello Pretty and Antique Fusion Jewellery! (Closed)

Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate it than by winning something beautiful? Antique Fusion Jewellery thinks that’s a great idea, and so do we. That’s why we’re giving away one of these stunning sterling silver leaf or twig rings.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Like Antique Fusion Jewellery on Facebook
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us which one is your favourite - the leaf or the twig design.
  3. Get an extra vote when you share this post and tag us on Facebook, and on Twitter

Antique Fusion Jewellery creates delicate, whimsical pieces that fuse the old and the new. Check out our interview with Anne-Michelle here.
Winner announced on Friday 29th November. Winner is selected by means of a random number generator. Please note that only one extra entry per channel will be allocated for Facebook and/or Twitter shares.

Pretty Personal with Anne-Michelle Dooley

Every antique once started out as someone’s favourite new thing. Antique Fusion Jewellery makes beautiful pieces that you’ll love now, and someone will treasure years from now. We caught up with Anne-Michelle to find out her story.

  1. Hello Anne-Michelle! Tell us a little about yourself.
    I’ll skip all the boring “I was born in” and “went to school at” stuff, and tell you what matters about me. I love to create beauty in whatever I do! Deciding to become a jewellery designer was the result of a long chain of events with a single goal in mind - find something creative to do and make a living from it. Not as easy as it sounded at first, but well worth my efforts in the end!
  2. We agree! And how did Antique Fusion come to happen?
    After studying jewellery design at Ruth Prowse in Cape Town, I worked for a small jewellery business. In 2007 I decided to quit my job as a jeweller’s assistant, and go it alone. The decision came at the price of some serious hard work and many unforeseen difficulties along the way, but I like to think that’s how I knew it was right. When you know what you want, you are often tested, just to be sure. Almost 7 years later, I am proud to look back at what I have accomplished and excited to look ahead at what’s to come. Antique Fusion is in every way an extension of who I am, it has grown as I have grown, changed as I have changed, and learned as I have learned. I have kept every notebook and documented most of my designs over the years. I often sit and read through them. It’s like reading an old journal. You learn so much about why you are who you are and where you are today. It inspires me to work harder, and encourages me to trust my talent.
  3. Wow, 7 years. That must be a really interesting read. Do you tend to see patterns or repeats of things that inspire you?
    I have always enjoyed the intricate, delicate detail and exquisite craftsmanship of antiques. Fascinated from a young age by these treasures of the past, their influence exists naturally in my work.  The concept of Antique Fusion is to ‘fuse’ the old and the new, so as to create a visual synergy of the two.
    It is difficult as a creative, not to be influenced by the world around you and the things you see. I have chosen to live in a very special place, deep in the heart of the Eastern Cape, high up in the mountains of the Amathola Mountain range. Hogsback is a magical place, and the influence of the abundant nature that surrounds me here, often finds its way into my work.  
     Although now days I enjoy creating with other influences too, my true passion will always be my ‘fusion’ pieces.
  4. Tell us a little more about the pieces you make.
    Antique Fusion specialises in antique inspired contemporary pieces, and we are passionate about custom designed one-off pieces. Working mainly in silver and antique found objects, Antique Fusion pieces often explore unusual combinations of materials for visual impact. Our designs are whimsical and light hearted, but elegant and feminine. All our pieces are handmade to order.  Making each and every piece by hand means putting individual loving energy into every item. We like to think that makes the piece you order special. :) Antique Fusion is primarily an online business. We have an extensive online catalogue and easy to use ordering system, all available from our website.  
    We also have a very active Facebook page where you can enjoy monthly giveaways and specials as well as the latest products straight from the Antique Fusion studio.
  5. So what’s the “Antique Fusion” in your life? What are your favourite things old and new?
    My favourite new things would have to be my husband Brandon and our golden Labrador puppy Baxter, clean white socks, new white vest tops and sparkly crisp white linen (an unfortunate passion for someone who lives so closely with nature) and our very own new house in Hogsback, YAY! (Incidentally, if I wasn’t busy making jewellery all day, I would definitely be a housewife! Making home is my thang!)
    What are my favourite old things? Our house is filled with antiques (as you can imagine) and I adore ALL of them! But if I had to choose just a few, I would have to say my exquisite white antique dressing table,  my old Singer sewing machine and our baby blue 1979 Bay Window VW Kombi (even though she gives us a bit of trouble from time to time).

For gorgeous pieces that will undoubtedly be someone’s future much-loved antique, head over to the Antique Fusion Hello Pretty store. You can also get in touch on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, pop back here on Monday and we may just have a little something to give away…

Win with Hello Pretty and Dor&Kie!

We’ve always thought of our fans as being ahead of the curve - anddor&kie agrees! That’s why they’re giving you the chance to get your hands on this yellowwood, brass, and clay necklace before anybody else!

Here’s how:

  1. Like dor&kie on Facebook
  2. Leave a comment on this post.
  3. Get an extra vote when you share this post and tag us on Facebook, and on Twitter

Dor&kie blends art and science together with a beautiful range of geometric rings and necklaces. Check out our interview with Diana here.

Winner announced on Friday 22nd November. Winner is selected by means of a random number generator. Please note that only one extra entry per channel will be allocated for Facebook and/or Twitter shares.

Pretty Personal with Diana James

Fans of sculpture, 80s video games, and geometry, rejoice! Dor&kie Jewellery Objects has managed to take all three and combine them into a range of wood-based jewellery that’s both chic and unique. We found out the story behind the name, and more.

  1. Hello Diana! Tell us a little about yourself. 

    I’ve always had a love for art, but I felt that my natural talent wasn’t good enough to pursue a career as an artist, so I ended up studying Jewellery Design and Manufacture at CPUT, mostly due to my fascination with the detail of everyday things and the “small scale” world.

  2. And what led you to use wood as a primary medium?

    Dor&kie happened by chance - we were moving house, and ended up building a lot at our new house, so my jewelry workshop/tools were in storage for a long time.  To keep myself busy I started experimenting in the space available to me, which was a woodworking workshop, and just fell in love with wood and its potential as a sculptural material; and being a jeweler I started using it in my work.

    The name dor&kie references a lot of things: firstly a door and a key, and since I’m a total dork and a Afrikaner, I’ve decided to use only one “o” for door to reference ‘dork’, and the Afrikaans “kie” instead of the English “Co” for company.

  3. Hahahahaha! That’s certainly an original name! Your pieces are also very distinctive - tell us about them?

    My favourite pieces to make are the rings.  I try something different with every ring, and doesn’t matter how much I design and sketch before hand, the final piece is always a surprise. I’ve recently started working with Polymer clay, to add some colour to my pieces, and I’m also trying to incorporate more metal.

  4. You decided to use wood as a material after spending time in the workshop you mentioned - what influenced the decision to use geometric shapes?

    As a jeweler, inspiration can come from a broad range of things, such as nature, fashion, architecture etc. Mostly my work resembles geometric structures that reference the field of gemology and the of cutting stones.  So in a way my work references a field parallel to jewellery, but by using wood it changes the quality of the overall piece.  Gemology focuses on obtaining the most brilliance from a stone by cutting it into facets to ‘capture’ the light entering the stone, but by replicating these facets in wood the piece becomes sculptural - not adding a function to the material used, but a general sculptural look and feel.

  5. What’s your favourite thing about doing what you do?

    Pushing the boundaries of the material I’m using, and also my capabilities as a manufacturer/craftsperson.  I love exploring the relationship of jewellery and how it fits and interacts with the body.  This aspect of jewellery is another reason why I love using wood in my work.  Wood is soft on the skin compared to cold hard metal and due to its weight, I can play around with the scale of my pieces.

I have a dor&kie pendant myself, and it’s one of my favourite things. You can get your new favourite thing in the dor&kie Hello Pretty store, and get in touch on Facebook and Twitter. And, if you check back here on Monday, we might just have a little something to give away…


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