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Catch a falling star and put it not in your pocket, but on a very lucky finger. This beautiful ring from HelenSilverSmit is upcycled by hand from a vintage 1925 silver coffee spoon. Given the nature of upcycled items, it's obviously one of a kind, so we'd suggest you snap it up here before someone else does!

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Pink October with Hello Pretty

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New things from Kallie! Get your Africa on.

I just saw on Kallie's facebook page that they've got their Double Africa necklaces up on their Hello Pretty store. They're in either silver or gold. My sentimental patriotic heart does a little skip for these beauties. My favourite is the silver :)

You can get the silver ones over here: and the brass ones over here:

If you're one of the ladies who ordered one of these necklaces pretty please send us a selfie - we love getting action shots from our customers and sharing on our social media.

Hello Man Staff Picks: Scott

Hello Man Staff Picks: Scott

It's our final staff picks day! And to round it all off, our dev genius Scott is at the wheel with all of his favourite things:

"I don't usually shop. But when I do, I do it online. While Hello Pretty primarily has a strong female focus, there's more than enough for selection for any guy with a bit of style (and in my case, without style as well!). My list covers everything that would add a bit of class to my day to day life. For the flat, an amazing bookcase is a must and Hello Pretty / Hello Man is actually full of them, but my personal favourite (love their simple design) are the illusion bookshelves from simpli decor. I'd round that off with a nice wall clock from Louw Roets, a side table, and a lamp.

A bench for the patio to chill on coffee breaks, and the slippers, because the only thing better than no-pants-friday is no-pants-friday with a pair of warm slippers. especially in these wintery months.

Out and about:

Despite being a techie, I still always carry around a pen and a paper notebook, for that I prefer to use moleskins and the moleskin leather cover from Savior Brand takes those notebooks up a notch (as if they needed it). And then a nice, simple belt (probably several) is a must for any guys' wardrobe. You need to have a great selection of cufflinks for anything a bit more formal, and Hello Pretty definitely doesn't fall short on cufflinks. Though I'm not from there, I love the jozi skyline, so Duke and Dutch's cufflinks are perfect."

There you have it folks. Now you have no excuses come Christmas time!

Win with Hello Pretty and Glove Jewellery! - CLOSED

Folks, it finally happened. We found someone with an eyebrow game fiercer than Beyoncé's. Exhibit A:

This handsome fella is brand spanking new from the phenomenally talented Glove Jewellery. He's sterling silver, made by hand, and ridiculously good looking. And the best part? He's looking for a good home. Could it be with you?

Here's what you need to do if you'd like to win him:​

Entries close at midday on Friday 19th September. Hello Pretty's standard competition Ts and Cs apply. Note that only one extra entry per channel will be counted.



Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Ads

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Ads

Staff picks time! Today we have the lovely and talented Ads, and what she would like you all to gift her with this Christmas:

"Having to choose these was simultaneously ridiculously easy and incredibly hard. I've got a list as long as my arm of things I want from Hello Pretty, so finding items was a piece of cake - narrowing that list down to a mere ten was torture!

I just moved into a new apartment that I got to decorate from scratch, and it's been really interesting seeing which recurring themes and colourways emerge. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals and then throw in a fun print, or a pop of colour or gold. These things were chosen because I already know exactly where I'll put them in my new place - and don't worry, they'll feel right at home with my already sizeable collection of other items from the site!"

Stunning! Which is your favourite?

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Sara

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Sara

It's staff picks time! You should all be getting to know us quite well by now - well, well enough to know what to buy us for our birthdays.

Today we have numbers person Sara picking out what she would most like you to gift her with:

"Much like our fellow Pretty, Lee, I too love the geometrics and the monochromatic. In complement, I of course love any clean, contemporary living space with peeks of warm neutrals and untouched wood. But to keep things comfy, I like to splash specks of crazy colour in the form of quirky decor and illustrations. As for my fashion pieces, I like it simple and smart paired with cool accessories."

Naaice. What would you pick?

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Sam

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Sam

"All of the items on my list are simple in their designs, but with a lot of personality. And I appreciate how difficult it is to make something "simple."

That bed is an item of great beauty. Just look at it. And given my propensity to have more things than space, I just love that their underbed storage actually looks beautiful rather than utilitarian.

As for that cat cushion, well, it's a cat. What more reason could one need?

The Civetta Spark bracelet I want so that I can wear it and feel like one of the first-class passengers in the Titanic (but without the deathly ending).

I no longer need to covet the wine rack because I just went ahead and bought one last week. Yay. It is yellow, and fun, and superb quality.

I have a fixation on creative and beautiful bookshelves (I dare you to try and drag me away from and Simpli Decor's shelves are unlike anything I've ever seen. Even on the internets. One day when we move out of our shoebox and have high ceilings and sweeping open spaces I'll fill a wall with them.

Sandy's plates I fell in love with from the moment I first saw them. Just look at them! They're incredible! All of her work is.

I hate walls being wasted with emptiness when they could be filled with beautiful things. Lynsey-Anne's photo is so delicate and lovely, and Lillian Fairall's balloon dog is the cutest, quirkiest thing ever. I must have him."

There you have it! What are your favourites?

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Lee

I won a thing from Erika Wessels

I was late-night Facebook surfing. Don't judge. You do it too. My friend Jen liked Erika Wessels' page which then scrolled onto my feed. I knew of her - I was introduced to Erika's range by Elzanne, the designer behind Lo Studio. Jen owns a few of Erika's pieces.

Far left is a gift from Jen's 21st a few days ago ;), then Erika Wessels' bar bracelet, and the last two lovelies are Famke's chevron and circle bracelets.

I love the range, so I liked the page. And the clouds parted, a brilliant light did shine down from above, directly onto me, and a digital voice boomed down unto me:

You are lucky liker #400.
You have won a prize.
Send your address.

Wha... ?? A prize!? I didn't even like the page in order to enter! I didn't know that there was a prize to be won! I'm quite stingy about the pages I add to my Like list, so it really was lucky.

Two days later, a courier pitched up with this wonderful thing:

Jirrre jislaaik my excitement. I was too nervous to wear it for a bit in case this was a huge mistake and the courier would be returning to collect it again. Or it was an elaborate and cruel joke. But it wasn't. This beautiful oxidized silver druzy necklace (I forget what gem it is, quartz I think?) was all mine.


It was as though this necklace had been made just for me. Inside the envelope:

Erika's things are very, very nice. But don't believe me -> have a look here:

Thank you Erika for this joyful experience and this exquisite necklace. I love it and I wear it all the time.


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