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Dubai’s Amazing Floating Apartments

Picture lying in bed with a panoramic view of colourful tropical fish swimming around a beautiful coral bed, a pod of dolphins or maybe even a shark or two? This is now possible thanks to the developers of the Kleindienst Group, who are going to build 42 floating boat-like structures called “The Floating Seahorse”. 

The amazing properties, which are now for sale, are set to be completed at the end of 2016. Each ‘apartment’ will have three levels: an upper deck with an amazing view, the main floor which is at sea level and then an underwater section which will contain the master bedroom and bathroom. Phase one and two of the project have already been sold out and they will be launching a third phase, “The Heart of Europe”.

The company said in a press release that the project’s name is linked to protecting sea life in the Persian Gulf. They plan to create an artificial coral reef, which will be a safe place for seahorses to live and breed. This will of course all be seen from the apartment’s lower level.

When thinking of Dubai, I picture grand building projects, so these underwater apartments will fit right in! I can just imagine how relaxing it must be to take a bubble bath while watching the seahorses swimming around the coral, but a small part of me would be terrified at the thought of being submerged under water.

Would you live in one of these apartments? I guess every day would feel like a holiday! 

The Interior Design Trend That Brings You Closer to Nature: Moss Wall Art

I like the idea of incorporating nature into interior design, and there is a new trend that goes beyond just putting a few pot plants in your home. Moss wall art has become a thing, not only does it look cool but it’s eco-friendly and brings you a bit closer to nature. 

Joe Zazzera and Pat Mahan are the founders of Plant Solutions and Moss Wall Art. They are behind the new interior design trend; incorporating moss walls into your home or office space. Their moss walls are made with 100% real mosses, natural wood, lichens and other organic features. 

Each piece that they do is unique and handcrafted just for you, not only are they for indoors but can be used as décor outside, in a covered area as well. I can just picture a patio with a moss wall art and water feature, where you can go and relax with a glass of wine after a long day. 

While the moss wall can create a zen feel, having a living piece of art in your home is exciting and dramatic too and definitely a trend I’d like to see more of!

Would you install a moss wall into your home?

Images: Moss Wall Art

Introducing Left Collective

Digital tapestries
Design Mate wallpaper

Shara Mordt, a surface pattern and interior designer who founded Design Mate in 2011, has recently introduced Hello Pretty to her latest collaborative project called Left collective.

Larger digital tapestries

Left Collective is a collaborative design studio specializing in product design, graphic design and interior design. Shara along with the design collaborators have recently started designing unique bespoke decor products and they have just launched their latest product... Digital tapestries!

Stripe tapestry

Tapestries are a versatile and unique way to change up any plain space. Left Collective's digitally printed monochromatic tapestries are printed on 100% pure cotton. 

We love the idea of being able to spruce up a room so easily without having to worry about the permanence (or cost) of paint and other drastic measures. Tapestries easily transform a space by adding an artistic element to the room as well as adding more space, or at least creating the impression thereof in the room.  

design mate

You can buy these gorgeous bespoke tapestries by Left Collective on their Hello Pretty store here.  

Scatter joy with Hello Pretty!

Scatter joy with Hello Pretty!

Hotel O in Paris

I’m a sucker for unique, contemporary-design boutique hotels. We’re going to Paris for a few days in November and on my laughable quest to find such a place that is both centrally-located and reasonably priced I found Hotel O. That it fits into the categories I was looking for is up for debate, but it cannot be argued that this is a hot-looking hotel. I specifically like the lighting details.


For those who care to know, the rooms start at 145 euros per night, and the hotel is a short walk from the Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries.

And don’t say we didn’t warn you: the rooms are small, and the bathroom is pretty well inside the bedroom. My significant other and I stayed in such a place in New York and the bathroom / bedroom situation was… well, surprising. So best you’re comfortable with your bunk-buddy!

An awesome Mingo Lamberti / Raw Studios collaboration

It’s always an exciting thing when you see a local designer you love popping up in an international publication. Fans of South African Mingo Lamberti will be used to seeing this strong brand appearing all over the place.

According to the article I just read on DesignWorkLife, Mingo Lamberti was commissioned to come up with some graphic designs to apply to a furniture range for Raw Studios (also in South Africa). I absolutely love the result (and especially the colours used) - an amazingly well done job.

La Maison Champs Élysées

I’m subscribed to a fantastic newsletter called Jetsetter. It’s made by the same people who do Jetsetter is their travel division and they find and review the cream of the crop of hotels.

A little while ago they featured the unbelievably gorgeous La Maison Champs Élysées in Paris. The hotel is minimally decorated and the rooms are all in white, and then in contrast to that there is the dramatic Cigar Lounge, all in charcoal and black.

17 of the 57 rooms are designed by Maison Margiela, and they also did the restaurant, reception, cigar lounge and bar.

And if you manage to peel yourself out of this exquisite hotel you’re in for a treat because it is situated right in the heart of Paris’ Golden Triangle, a shopping hot spot.

Don’t know about you but I think I’m going to be dusting off my old piggy bank so that I can pay this place a visit!

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