Sometimes we're fancy and get invited to launch events for new online stores.

The launch was hosted in a very beautiful art gallery called Rust-en-Vrede in Durbanville, and Simone from Yellow Papaya did all the catering, as well as putting out the decor and gifts, on her own because her partner Yolandi wasn't well and unfortunately had to miss the event that she'd been working her butt off for, what a shame. Hope you're feeling better, Yolandi.

Cecilia's Farm operates on the same principle as many of designers, summed up on their website:

"Here on the farm we believe that the best tasting fruit and nut products are made from only the best fruit, and then crafted using a blend of traditional skills and modern know-how. We search the world for the best quality ingredients and then bring them back to the farm where we craft each Cecilia’s Farm product by hand to ensure that it is the best quality possible."

If you want some inspiration for what to buy, this is what Scott and I ordered last week: two cranberry almond nougat bars, two bags of roasted & salted mixed nuts, two bags of smoked almonds, a bottle of their Koelfontein 2011 Chardonnay (we had this at the launch - delicious!), and a bottle of their Koelfontein 2010 Shiraz.

Our order hasn't arrived yet but I'm looking forward to when it does so that we can get nut-drunk.

Hello Pretty is getting Pretty Fit

So Pretties, I spend a lot of time trawling our site each day. A LOT. (Someone has to keep the world informed about our awesome stuff, you know? *winks*) I’ve noticed that we’ve had an influx of really gorgeous bikinis. And when I say gorgeous, I mean really really gorgeous.

Cue the arrival of a whole bunch of cool stuff from Crosse & Blackwell. We’re a team of (mostly) girls who spend a fair amount of time staring at our computer screens, so getting mobilised is something of a challenge. A challenge that Crosse & Blackwell has accepted!

So the deal is this: Lisa Raleigh, who is a fitness expert (that’s right) is going to help all of us that want to shake off a few kilos in 2014. You know. Actually do that thing that’s on all our New Years resolutions lists year after year. There will be free “Trim Outs”, “Trim Meals” and advice on offer. Yep. For Free. In fact, other than a hot new bod (and a hot new bikini, hint hint), you could actually walk away with cash in your pocket in the form of a R50 000 grand prize, as well as a whole heap of other cool spot prizes. (Heck, if 50K isn’t a gigantic carrot at the end of your fitness stick, I don’t know what is!)

You can register over here to take part. The challenge starts on the 1st of February. See you ladies on the beach!

Bikini #1 Navy Vintage by Gabrielle Swimwear
Bikini #2 Bikini Set with Back Detail by Loyde Villarroel Lingerie and Swimwear
Challenge Accepted image from here
Bikini #3 Twist Bandeau in Sunshine by Scarlett Swimwear

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