Pantone Hair Rainbow

A Pantone Spectrum Of Celebrity Hair Color

So Pretties, I'll admit. My job is pretty image heavy. Which is awesome, since I basically get to look at and for pretty things all day every day, but it's very easy to get "image saturated."

However, much like last week's petal explosion, sometimes the interwebs throw out something so fun that I can't help grinning like a lunatic and spamming all of my contacts with it. (Watch yourself. I have an unlimited supply of cat pics, gifs and videos. You may want to think twice before adding me to your contact list, because I'm *that* person)

This Pantone colour wheel of celebrity hairstyle awesomeness was one such thing. I mean. It just makes me want to dunk my head into a vat of something pink and go buy Skittles in bulk afterwards.

For your viewing pleasure:

A Pantone Spectrum Of Celebrity Hair Color

Found here.

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