Errand Girl

A Huge HP Thank You for Errand Girl!

So, in case you missed the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/every social network ever updates this past weekend, Hello Pretty just wrapped up a stint at the SA Fashion Week Pop Up Shop in Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria. It was pretty awesome to see months and months of hard work and planning come together; and while we don’t usually do this sort of thing, we absolutely owe a shout-out to Errand Girl's Bernita and Carla. (I think the kids these days call it a shout-out?)

For those of you not lucky enough to be in the know, Errand Girl is exactly what it says on the tin. They will run errands for you: Big and small, simple and complicated, personal, professional or otherwise. If you need documents fetched, deliveries coordinated, suppliers researched, concierge services, they’re your gals.

Since Hello Pretty’s awesome designers are scattered throughout the country, it was like a big game of Tetris trying to get everything into Pretoria at the same time. Errand Girl coordinated deliveries, organised courier pick-ups, and generally made the whole process run silky smooth.

We can’t recommend them enough. Find ‘em on Facebook or online and let them take care of your to-do list, which in turn will give you more time to spend browsing Hello Pretty. You’re welcome.

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