Erika Wessels

I won a thing from Erika Wessels

I was late-night Facebook surfing. Don't judge. You do it too. My friend Jen liked Erika Wessels' page which then scrolled onto my feed. I knew of her - I was introduced to Erika's range by Elzanne, the designer behind Lo Studio. Jen owns a few of Erika's pieces.

Far left is a gift from Jen's 21st a few days ago ;), then Erika Wessels' bar bracelet, and the last two lovelies are Famke's chevron and circle bracelets.

I love the range, so I liked the page. And the clouds parted, a brilliant light did shine down from above, directly onto me, and a digital voice boomed down unto me:

You are lucky liker #400.
You have won a prize.
Send your address.

Wha... ?? A prize!? I didn't even like the page in order to enter! I didn't know that there was a prize to be won! I'm quite stingy about the pages I add to my Like list, so it really was lucky.

Two days later, a courier pitched up with this wonderful thing:

Jirrre jislaaik my excitement. I was too nervous to wear it for a bit in case this was a huge mistake and the courier would be returning to collect it again. Or it was an elaborate and cruel joke. But it wasn't. This beautiful oxidized silver druzy necklace (I forget what gem it is, quartz I think?) was all mine.


It was as though this necklace had been made just for me. Inside the envelope:

Erika's things are very, very nice. But don't believe me -> have a look here:

Thank you Erika for this joyful experience and this exquisite necklace. I love it and I wear it all the time.

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