#HPVotes Voting Day 2014

#HPVotes Voting Day 2014 with Hello Pretty

Well hey there good looking!

Yesterday we put out the call for voting selfies, and were thrilled by the response. I was flooded by warm and fuzzy feelings as the notifications rolled in.

Just look at how awesome you all are!

#HPVotes Voting Day 2014 with Hello Pretty

I would high five you all if I could. You are too lovely.

#HPVotes Voting Day 2014 with Hello Pretty

Well done Pretties!

Voting with Hello Pretty!

Hello Pretty wants to see you voting! #HPVotes

Pretties! We want to see you voting!

Show us your good looking faces in the voting queue, your thumbs, your queue snacks (just not from inside the booths or your ballot. You know, legal stuff.) - get involved, and tag us in your voting selfies, with #HPVotes.

We'll be rounding them up on the blog, so join in!

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