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Introducing Left Collective

Digital tapestries
Design Mate wallpaper

Shara Mordt, a surface pattern and interior designer who founded Design Mate in 2011, has recently introduced Hello Pretty to her latest collaborative project called Left collective.

Larger digital tapestries

Left Collective is a collaborative design studio specializing in product design, graphic design and interior design. Shara along with the design collaborators have recently started designing unique bespoke decor products and they have just launched their latest product... Digital tapestries!

Stripe tapestry

Tapestries are a versatile and unique way to change up any plain space. Left Collective's digitally printed monochromatic tapestries are printed on 100% pure cotton. 

We love the idea of being able to spruce up a room so easily without having to worry about the permanence (or cost) of paint and other drastic measures. Tapestries easily transform a space by adding an artistic element to the room as well as adding more space, or at least creating the impression thereof in the room.  

design mate

You can buy these gorgeous bespoke tapestries by Left Collective on their Hello Pretty store here.  

Colossal NYC by Yoni Alter

I’ve said it before that one of my favourite sources of things that are design-related is the Colour Lovers website. If you haven’t seen them yet I encourage you to pay a visit. They recently linked out to a post on My Modern Met featuring artwork by Yoni Alter called Colossal NYC.

It’s a digital work in which all of New York’s iconic buildings are arranged in a 2-dimensional brightly coloured skyline silhouette, in the order that they were completed. Lovely concept, and fascinating to watch how buildings grew larger and larger over time - check the puny Statue of Liberty compared to the Four World Trade Center (which isn’t actually complete yet).

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